Comics Events


There are regular comics-related events in Dundee. These include the annual Dundee Comics Day, exhibitions of comics artwork, academic talks, and visiting speakers.

Dundee Comics Day

Dundee Comics Day 2013Dundee Comics Day is part of the annual Dundee Literary Festival and exists to draw attention to Dundee’s important role in the history of comics. It began in 2007 and aims to bring together artists, writers and other professionals involved in the comics industry. In recent years themes have included the work of Grant Morrison (MBE), history of British comics, how comics represent time, and how comics are created.

Past Comics Days have included talks from such prominent figures as Warren Ellis (Planetary, Transmetropolita ), Alan Davis (Captain Britain, Miracleman, Excalibur), (2000AD, Slaine, Nemesis, Requiem Vampire Knight), Rian Hughes (Dare), Bryan Talbot (The Adventures of Luthor Arkwright, Alice in Sunderland ). Alan Grant (Judge Dredd, Batman), Gary Erskine (The Filth, Dan Dare), Hunt Emerson (Little Plum, Ratz), Metaphrog (Strange Weather Lately, Louis), Keith Robson (Starblazer), Ilya (Mammoth Book of Best New Manga), Emma Vieceli (Manga Shakespeare), and Nana Li, who gave a workshop on creating Japanese style comics.  It has also featured comics editors Dez Skinn (Warrior, Doctor Who Weekly), Morris Heggie and Bill McLoughlin (both DC Thomson), and David Bishop (2000AD).

Comics Day has also featured contributions from leading comics scholars and historians such as Roger Sabin, Paul Gravett, Julia Round, Billy Grove, Mel Gibson, Peter Hughes Jachimiak, and Ian Hague.

The Comics Day talks are designed to appeal to everyone with an interest in comics, and will be accessible to the general public, comics fans of all ages, and those with a scholarly interest in the medium.

For more information about the Dundee Comics Day please contact Chris Murray.


The University of Dundee also holds exhibitions of comics artwork. In recent years these have included:

International Comics Conference

The annual International Comics Conference is co-organised by Dr Chris Murray of the English Programme (with Dr Dave Huxley, Dr Joan Ormrod and Dr Julia Round). 


The University of Dundee also hosts DOJ-CON (previously known as Dee Con), a free anime convention featuring film screenings, industry presentations, artist tables, cosplaying and more.