Comics at Dundee

Dennis the Menace

Image Copyright of DC Thomson

Dundee is one of the great powerhouses of comics production, not just in the UK, but internationally. The publisher DC Thomson is at the heart of the city, with its long running comics, The Beano and The Dandy, and ahost of beloved characters, including Dennis the Menace, Desperate Dan, the Bash Street Kids, and hundreds more. Many of the top comics creators in Britain have been inspired by Dundee’s comics, including Alan Moore, Bryan Talbot and Frank Quitely, and several comics creators began their careers with the company, such as John Wagner, Pat Mills and Grant Morrison. It is therefore fitting that Dundee hosts annual events that celebrate this legacy, and that the University of Dundee offers modules in Comics Studies at both Undergraduate and Postgraduate level.

Leading many of these initiatives is Dr Chris Murray, lecturer in English and Film Studies in the English programme. Dr Murray researches comics, has published extensively in this area, and is co-editor of the journal, Studies in Comics.

These pages provide information on comics events and activities and the opportunities to study comics at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels at  Dundee.