'Intermedial Modernisms' Symposium

The Scottish Network of Modernist Studies will hold a symposium on 'Intermedial Modernisms' at the University of Dundee on Friday 20th January.  The symposium, organised by Dr Anthony Paraskeva of the English programme, will seek to explore modernism's hybrid interactions with non-literary media and the question of medium specificity.


10.30 am – Arrivals and Coffee

11 am - Morning Session

  • Dr Anouk Lang (Strathclyde), The tyranny of keeping one’s distance: Geographical and cultural difference as a resource in Australian modernist art and literature
  • Dr Keith Williams (Dundee), ‘I Bar the Magic Lantern Business’: James Joyce and Pre-Cinema
  • Professor Peter Dayan (Edinburgh), Poetry without words: Apollinaire and Hugo Ball
  • Dr Alex Goody (Oxford Brookes), 'Radio Impersonation of Christ': Dorothy L. Sayers and the Broadcast Word

1 pm – Lunch/SNOMS business meeting

2 pm – Afternoon Session: Postgraduate Papers

  • Calum Rodger (Glasgow), That Plastic Feeling: Geometrical Abstraction and Concrete Poetry
  • Anna Stothers (Royal Holloway), The Experimental Novel Between the Royal Academy and the Gossip Pages: Olive Moore and the Mediated Embodiments of Modernity
  • Greg Thomas (Edinburgh), Happiness, beauty and play: Edwin Morgan’s concrete poetry
  • James Patrick Leveque (Edinburgh), ‘The Monster of the Beautiful’: Apocalypse, Apollinaire, and the Indeterminate Poem

The symposium will take place in the Dalhousie Building, Room 2S17.

There will be a small charge of £5 (£3 for students/the unwaged) to cover the cost of refreshments.


Posted: 17 January 2012