'Cultural Encounters': New HERA Research Programme

Photo of Professor Kitson Professor Peter Kitson of the English programme is one of a select group of European scholars formally invited to participate in the new Humanities in the European Research Area (HERA) Joint Research Programme theme of Cultural Encounters.

Professor Kitson is among 300 European scholars (and only 50 UK scholars) to be selected from a pool of applicants of over a thousand to attend a HERA organised event in Berlin on 21st of February to promote and develop his new research idea of “Europe Encounters the Far East: Oriental-European Cultural Transmission and Exchange in the Long Eighteenth Century (especially China)”. His potential research partners include distinguished European researchers Prof. Dr Chrisoph Bode (Ludwig-Maxilmiliens University, Munich) and Prof. Peter Mortenson (Aarhus University, Denmark).

Prof. Kitson is a leading scholar of the literature of the global eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and is currently writing his new book, Forging Romantic China, on Sino-British cultural relations 1760-1840, supported by a Major Leverhulme Research Fellowship. The new HERA research programme is a new E18ml research programme from HERA designed to addresses the theme of European Cultural Encounters, a crucial feature contemporary European life. The programme will promote study of the on-going process of European identity-making as the result of various forms of cultural friction, integration, transformation and synthesis. To understand cultural encounters is to understand the history and meaning of Europe itself, from the earliest periods of human settlement to the present day. Its effects reach all the way from the activities of everyday life to the broader arenas of ideology and societal institutions.


Posted: 13 January 2012