Our courses are all accredited. This means that they form part of the educational requirements for professional practice as an engineer.


You can develop the knowledge and skills to turn your creativity into reality through engineering. 

students working


students working

Biomedical engineering

Interested in solving healthcare problems and bridging the gap between engineering and medicine? There is an urgent need for creative biomedical engineers. Whether you want to design a new endoscope, new imaging technique or new diagnostic test, biomedical engineering is for you. Build medical devices in our engineering labs and get valuable hands-on experience in the clinical setting of Ninewells Hospital.

Undergraduate biomedical engineering courses

Postgraduate biomedical engineering courses


Civil engineering

Civil engineers conceive, design, build and maintain the infrastructure that surrounds us, from buildings and bridges, to roads and railways, energy and water supply. Using skills in mathematical analysis, creative design, experimentation and management, you can learn to create solutions that impact the way we live, solving challenging problems in a way that benefits and sustains our environment. 

Undergraduate civil engineering courses

Postgraduate civil engineering courses


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Mechanical engineering

Interested in a career where you will be able to use technical, scientific and creative skills to solve some of the world's greatest challenges?  Our Mechanical Engineering courses allow you to investigate issues including space exploration, energy management, industrial innovation and medical instrumentation. Gain practical experience on an industrial placement - either locally or as far afield as the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. These skills are in high demand, and our graduates work in high-profile roles in industries such as aerospace, energy and manufacturing sectors.

Undergraduate mechanical engineering courses

Postgraduate mechanical engineering courses


Two people fixing a motor.

Graduate Apprenticeships

We offer work-based learning that lets you study and work at the same time.