Public engagement training is available across the University of Dundee. If you are starting your public engagement activities, or working with new groups of people, engagement training can help. Training helps you acquire new skills and gives you more confidence to step out of your research office, studio or lab to inspire people.

Communication and media training will benefit researchers who are familiar with public engagement activities. It can enhance their experiences and is especially valuable when planning work with new audiences or in a different format.


Our Public Engagement team has developed its own communication workshops and engagement activities in collaboration with Organisational and Professional Development (OPD). Public Engagement training is part of the Researcher Development Framework developed by Vitae. It is part of the Engagement and Impact (D3) category of training. Here is a list of all of OPD's bookable Engagement and Impact (D3) training and workshops.

A circle diagram divided in to the four quarters of the Researcher Development Framework developed by Vitae.
A Knowledge and Intellectual Abilities (blue)
B Personal Effectiveness (lilac)
C Research Governance (light green)
D Engagement, Influence and Impact (pastel pink). This sector is raised to highlight it.

Our courses are free and open to all research students and staff. They are designed for researchers with different levels of public engagement experience.

Visit our Public Engagement Training page for more information on engagement training organised by external providers, media fellowships and policy fellowships.

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Upcoming training

 You can view all of the latest public engagement training opportunities in our latest Public Engagement Newsletter.

Careers and Job Opportunities

For most researchers public engagement is a way of informing and enhancing their academic research. However, for some early career researchers public engagement opens up a wide range of alternative career options.

If you are a researcher considering a career in public engagement you should visit our Public Engagement Training section. Building experience in this area will help you decide if this change in direction is right for you.

Direct public engagement experience will also improve your chances of finding work in this competitive field. A PhD in a related subject can help you stand out ahead of other candidates, in tandem with your public engagement skills and experience.

If you want to find out more about jobs in public engagement and outreach please go to our Public Engagement Careers page.