Here you will find details of the support available to help you develop your public engagement ideas and activities. This will be relevant if you're just starting out, or have lots of experience. If you already have a good idea of the kind of activity you would like to develop or be involved in discussing this further please Contact Us.

Just starting out? If you're new to public engagement or want to enhance your communication skills you may wish to visit our training section. You can also investigate the list of national schemes, which can organise activities for you. Our Getting Started page will also give you some idea where to begin engaging with the public about your research.

For experienced communicators: You may wish to speak to us regarding funding and collaboration opportunities. We also recognise and reward researchers for their achievements.

For event organisers: If you are planning your own event or activity related to your research you should visit our funding section.

For Research Leaders: The research councils, Wellcome and other funders encourage researchers to plan how to increase the benefits of their research. This is sometimes included within the application or after award is made. Visit our public engagement funding section to find out more.

Public Engagement Funding at the University of Dundee

The University of Dundee has Public Engagement Seed Funds available, funded through a Wellcome grant. This scheme funds research driven projects to develop novel public engagement ideas within Wellcome's remit (health and wellbeing). Applications are welcome from all staff groups and students, from every area of the University. The Seed Funds are administered by our School of Life Sciences. Please contact for more information.