The 2021 UK Black History Month logo with black test on a white background. Text says 'BHM2021, Dig Deeper, Look Closer, Think Bigger'.

The University of Dundee celebrated UK Black History Month throughout October 2021. We hosted a programme of events aimed to educate ourselves and reflect on the contributions, achievements and experiences of BME people among our staff, students and wider community. This provided us with opportunities to promote dialogue around equality, diversity and inclusion.

The University condemns racism and discrimination in all its forms. We are committed to an inclusive learning, research and working environment, to strong support for all of our staff and students, and to a fairer and more equitable society for all. In line with this commitment, the University will continue to identify and challenge institutional racism in all that we do.

The University recognises that we have much to do in tackling racial inequalities, and through our commitment to the externally accredited Race Equality Charter, we aim to improve the representation, progression and success of minority ethnic staff and students within higher education. Supporting Black History Month across the University is one of the ways we will learn from the lived experiences of our BME community.

To find out more about our activities from 2020 and to view recordings of the events visit our 2020 Black History Month page.

All of our live events have taken place. However, we still have a great selection of resources for you to read and watch below.


Reading Resources from Diversity Initiative and AfroMedics

Online throughout October

This month, the Diversity Initiative and AfroMedics are celebrating black artists, elevating black voices and learning invaluable lessons from black history. It is imperative that we don’t allow this month to go past without taking time to properly educate ourselves on the history of Black people.

They have collated a list of resources that will allow us properly to engage with relevant topics and issues. For each week of this month, they have designated a theme and will release a list of different resources in accordance with our theme.

The themes for the month are:

Week 1: Reporting: The historical perspective of Black People.

Week 2: Relating: Putting History into context

Week 3: Reasoning: Lessons from lived experiences

Week 4: Reconstructing: Looking to the Future

At the end of the month, a full reading list will be sent out for further reading.

We hope you are able to fully immerse yourself in the richness of the content that is provided.

Access the full month reading resources here.

Revisiting Black History Month 2020

Watch on-demand throughout October.

Watch the recordings of events and talks that the University hosted during Black History Month last year.

We celebrated Black History Month at the University of Dundee throughout October 2020, with a programme of events aimed to educate ourselves and reflect on the contributions, achievements, and experiences of BME people among our staff, students, and the wider community. 

View the recordings here.

Walter and Angeline Kamba

Watch on-demand throughout October.

Dr Kenneth Baxter from the University's Archive Services takes a brief look in this video at the lives and work of two of the University's most distinguished figures from a BAME background, Walter and Angeline Kamba.

Living in exile after the imposition of minority white rule, in what was then known as Southern Rhodesia, the Kambas came to Dundee in 1969.

Walter took up a lectureship in the Law Faculty and Angeline joining the library team. During his time at Dundee, Walter rose to be Dean of Law, at the same time as playing a key role in the setting up of the modern Zimbabwe. Returning to their homeland in 1980, both played important roles in its life as well as carrying out work on the international stage.

View the video.

Reading List and Resources

Available online throughout October.
Requires University of Dundee login.

Following the 2020 Black Lives Matter movement, activists have encouraged us all to educate ourselves. Black history, and anti-racist struggles are amongst the key issues raised by the protests. It is not enough to be non-racist; we have to be actively anti-racist.

The Library and Learning Centre present a collated list of resources. The Main Library Foyer will host a display of material from the Black Lives Matter reading list throughout Black History Month.

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