Patient and Public Involvement in Health Research

We believe that working with patients and the public is the best way to develop our healthcare research. Patients and the public can help us share information, take part in clinical trials or join advisory panels. This work helps us all to test new treatments and medicines, generates new research ideas and helps us share the results of our research with the people who will benefit the most.

We can only achieve this by working with you, and with the support of our partners and funders.

Here is a list of online resources of ways in which you can support our research.


SHARE is a new NHS Research Scotland initiative created to establish a register of people interested in participating in health research and who agree to allow SHARE to use the coded data in their various NHS computer records to check whether they might be suitable for health research studies. This access can be incredibly useful when it comes to developing new treatments and cures for a wide variety of health conditions.

The SHARE website lists opportunities to get involved in the SHARE project and other activities linked to health.


MEMO Research

MEMO, which stands for Medicine Monitoring, has developed ways to study how drugs are prescribed, and has investigated the safety of commonly prescribed drugs. MEMO have led on clinical trials to further understand the safety and use of medicines.

MEMO have a Public Involvement Panel, which will be a group of people who volunteer to help us make sure our research is acceptable, relevant, and useful to the public.

If you are interested in taking part or would just like to know more please visit the MEMO website.


Alzheimer's Research

The University of Dundee is part of the Alzheimer’s Research UK Scotland Network Centre. We host labs that are looking in to the cause and treatment of Alzheimer's.

Patients and public who are interested in taking part in dementia research can join Dementia Research, a nationwide online and telephone service which helps people take part in research studies.


Parkinson's Research Interest Group in Tayside

Our School of Life Sciences, funded by the Medical Research Council, are working with the charity Parkinson’s UK, as well as with local patients and carers, to establish a Parkinson’s Research Interest Group in Tayside. They look forward to discussing our findings with the group and to hearing what the public think about their work.