The University's Public Engagement Network

Our Public Engagement Network is a group of people committted to public engagement. We are staff or students who have direct roles in delivering, advising or supporting public and community engagement activity.

The Public Engagement Network first met in September 2019, and meets every 6-8 weeks. The Network creates a supportive environment where staff and students from all disciplines can develop their engaged practice, and be part of a community where everyone is valued.

The Network aims to

  • Develop a community, by encouraging all voices to contribute in an informal environment
  • Find out how we can help each other, to foster collaboration and cross-curricular working
  • Sharing knowledge and learning (even when things don't go to plan!) to enhance the quality of our engagement activity

If you have a specific role or responsibility for public engagement in your School or Directorate, and would like to join the Public Engagement Network, send us an email at


Upcoming meetings

12:00-2:00pm - Wednesday 11 December 2019 - School of Medicine - Interactive Teaching Suite


Agendas and minutes from recent meetings

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Agenda - 3 September 2019

Minutes - 3 September 2019

Agenda - 30 October 2019