The University's Public Engagement Forum

Our Public Engagement Forum is a group of leaders and champions of public engagement from all of our academic Schools and our professional services Directorates. Meetings are chaired by Prof John Rowan, our Vice-Principal for Research, Knowledge Exchange and Wider Impact.

The Forum is a sub-committee of Senate and reports in to the Research and Knowledge Exchange Committee. This formal structure exemplifies the emphasis the University places on engagement.

The Public Engagement Forum first met in May 2018, and meets every two months. The Forum is action-focused and is leading the University's efforts to embed our already excellent public engagement activity in all that we do.

The Forum aims to

  • Implement and raise awareness of the Public Engagement Strategy that states our vision and sets out the ways in which we support engagement in our University community
  • Support the sharing and development of best practice between different areas of the University
  • Help the University of Dundee to become Scotland's most engaged University

 A meeting of the University of Dundee's Public Engagement Forum

Members of the Public Engagement Forum

Each School and Directorate has at least one representative on the Public Engagement Forum, alongside two members of our student's union (DUSA) executive. You can find your Forum representative/s on the list below (alphabetically by surname).


Janice Aitken - School of Art and Design (DJCAD)

Hannah Adams - DUSA Executive

Husam Al Waer - School of Social Sciences

Pauline Armory - School of Medicine

Ann Brown - Business Transformation

Caroline Brown - Culture and Information

Rebecca Coatswith - Academic and Corporate Governance

Julie Christie - UoD-IT

Heather Doran - Leverhulme Research Centre for Forensic Science

Audrey Duncan - Institute for Sport and Exercise

Moya Fox - Library and Learning Centre

Ruth Freeman - School of Dentistry

Erin Hardee - School of Life Sciences

Colin Henderson - School of Medicine

Kristi Herd - School of Education and Social Work

Richard Holme - School of Education and Social Work

Pam Houston - Finance

Roddy Isles - External Relations

Matthew Jarron - Culture and Information

Shona Johnston - Student Services

Neale Laker - Academic and Corporate Governance

Nicola Madill - Research and Innovation Services

Linda McSwiggan - School of Nursing

Pam Milne - Human Resources and Organisational Development

Stuart Murphy - DUSA Executive

Chris Murray - School of Humanities

Sandra Oza - Human Resources and Organisational Development

Karen Petrie - School of Science and Engineering

Clive Randall - Academic and Corporate Governance

John Rowan (Chair) - Vice Principal for Research, Knowledge Exchange and Wider Impact

Eddie Small - School of Humanities

Nicola Stanley-Wall - School of Life Sciences

Margaret Teven - Research and Innovation Services

Jon Urch - External Relations

Leanne Wallace - External Relations

Hannah Whaley - Library and Learning Centre

Upcoming meetings

2:00-3:30pm - Thursday 6 February 2020

10:00-11:30am - Thursday 2 April 2020

10:00-11:30am - Wednesday 29th April 2020


Minutes and agendas from recent meetings
University of Dundee users only

Forum 9 - Agenda 29 November 2019

Forum 8 - Minutes 10 September 2019

Forum 7 - Minutes 11 June 2019

Forum 6 - Minutes 18 April 2019

Forum 5 - Minutes 20 February 2019

Forum 4 - Minutes 6 December 2018

Forum 3 - Minutes 11 October 2018

Forum 2 - Minutes 16 August 2018

Forum 1 - Minutes 8 May 2018