Six members of University staff sit around a long white table in a classroom discussing public engagement

Many people across the University support our staff and students in their public engagement work. They include our security, technical and cleaning teams and colleagues that help us plan, communicate and record activities. Safety Services advise us on managing risk for our projects.

Our public engagement professionals are people with a dedicated responsibility for supporting advising or delivering engagement. They meet regularly at the University’s Public Engagement Network to foster collaboration and co-ordinate our engagement work.

Through the Public Engagement Network, our Public Engagement Forum, and individual Schools, we work together to share best practice. This joint effort helps us create opportunities where people work more closely between different areas of the University.

The University provides opportunities to engage with the public through our supported events and festivals. Funding is also available to help our staff and students develop their own activities. Through a variety of budgets including those held in Schools and Directorates.