A special workshop-based meeting of the Group will be held on Wednesday 6 May 2009 at 10-12pm in the Ustinov Room, Bonar Hall. The meeting will be followed by lunch at the DCA.


Mrs F O'Donnell, Convener

30 April 2009


Workshop Aim: To expand the development of the content an EDR Toolkit based on the experience gained from the operation, to date, of the 'Dundee EDR model' (the Toolkit forms an integral part of the new EDR booklet).
[Note: future workshops will be arranged to consider the articulation of the content of the remaining aspects of the Toolkit].

Workshop participants will consider the main priorities for the development of an EDR Toolkit by seeking to expand the following four initial aspects (shown below as **) of the sections on:

  • the 'toolkit for mediators' (first two aspects):
  • **How to make access easy and normalise EDR
  • **How to ensure readiness of parties to mediate
  • Sharing of different training origins and flexible use
  • Co-mediation preparation
  • Creation of confidentiality bubble
  • Calling time
  • Separation from the outcome for mediators
  • How to generate effective agreement and obtain consent for dissemination
  • Use of generic feedback and reflection


  • the 'toolkit for mediation skills' (first two aspects):
  • **How to identify issues and triggers early and seek assistance to resolve
  • **Top 10 tips: how to give assistance to resolve:
  • **good meetings and consultation
  • thinking issues rather than position
  • standing back emotionally
  • surfacing issues and acting and reacting to this positively
  • focussing long term
  • promoting 'positive' argument
  • ways to uncover relevant information
  • dealing with conflict
  • personal effect on others
  • work with Dignity at Work and Study.

The six case studies available from this link will also form part of the new EDR booklet with further additional case studies when developed.

A link to the current EDR website resource page will also be included in the booklet.