This EDR pledge outlines the underlying set of principles for EDR so that parties to this process are aware of the standards and qualities which hallmark any EDR taking place within the University of Dundee.

Use of EDR

The EDR process will be used in good faith by the parties to see if they are able to reach a creative and workable outcome to a dispute or disagreement. It is one of a range of tools available for working towards resolution and it is recognised that some disputes may not be suitable for EDR to be used.


Whether or not parties choose EDR to resolve conflict and dispute is a totally voluntary process and it is essential that they make an informed choice in doing so and are fully aware of what EDR entails (explanatory document attached)

Early intervention

Where possible the parties will seek to use EDR at the earliest possible opportunity if they have chosen this option.

Non judgemental

The mediator shall not impose judgement or decide on any issues but shall manage the EDR process to enable to parties to identify issues and explore options with a view to the parties working towards a mutually agreeable course of action

Neutral venue

The Mediator will arrange with the parties a neutral venue for the EDR to take place outwith the School or College where the dispute has arisen

Impartiality and conflict of interest

The Mediator will at all times act, and endeavour to be seen to act, fairly and with complete impartiality towards the Parties in the EDR without any bias in favour of any Party or any discrimination against any Party. Any matter of which the Mediator is aware, which could be regarded as involving a conflict of interest (whether apparent, potential or actual) in the EDR, will be disclosed to the Parties. At the outset of the EDR the Parties will have a choice of mediators and be able to select and agree on an appropriate mediator to ensure such impartiality. Each Mediator will be trained and certified as suitably qualified to conduct the EDR and his or her qualifications will be made known to the parties ??


Any matters discussed within the EDR will be confidential and the Parties and the Mediator will sign up to a Confidentiality statement (attached)

Commitment and availability

Before accepting an appointment, the Mediator must be satisfied that he/she has time available to ensure that the EDR can proceed in an expeditious manner.

Withdrawal of Mediator

The Mediator will withdraw from the EDR if he/she:

  • is requested to do so by any of the Parties
  • is in breach of this Pledge; or
  • is required by the Parties to do something which would be in material breach of this Pledge.

The Mediator may withdraw form the EDR at his/her own discretion if any of the Parties is acting in breach of the EDR Pledge


After each EDR the parties will be asked to complete a feedback form which will be used to take forward suggestions on how the EDR may be improved and to take on board any feedback as regards the conduct of the mediator and the EDR itself.

March 2008