The University formally launched its edr initiative in October 2008 following the approval of an outline University-wide edr strategy on 8 June 2008.

An edr Strategy Group was established to consult on and bring forward further plans and proposals to embed edr in the University.

The Group drafted a policy linkage document for the approval of the Human Resources Committee on 2 October 2008 and by Court on 27 October 2008 to embed edr practice as an option for relevant University policies. The Group has also drafted a pledge which outlines the underlying set of principles for mediation to ensure that parties to a mediation are aware of the standards and qualities which hallmark any mediation taking place within the University of Dundee.

The University's mediators adhere to the principles described in the European Code of Conduct for Mediators and the University is a member of the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR).

Remit and Membership

To consult on, form recommendations and develop best practice for:

  • the introduction of early dispute resolution (edr) methods, assistance and training, University wide which may be used by staff and students in addressing workplace disputes and tensions at an early stage and reaching timely and satisfactory outcomes for parties in dispute;
  • the development of a core mediation service by trained and accredited mediators for staff and students for use in terms of agreed University policies and practices; and
  • the investigation of the scope for collaboration with others with an interest in this area particularly in the HE sector in Scotland.

In the development of such a mediation service the Group retains as its guiding principles an approach to individuals that demonstrates respect, confidentiality and impartiality.


  • Mrs Fiona ODonnell, Honorary Fellow and Lead Mediator, University of Dundee (Convener)
  • Mrs Maggie Davidson, Human Resources
  • Dr Lesley McLellan, Director of Quality Assurance
  • Mrs Gillian Jones, Human Resources
  • Ms Marion Sporing (DUCU)
  • Mr Gary Hannan (Secretary, UNITE)
  • Professor Chris Reed, School of Computing
  • Mr Stuart Cross, School of Law
  • Mrs Sharon Sweeney (DUCU)
  • Mr David Ritchie (UNITE)
  • Rev Dr Fiona Douglas, University Chaplain
  • Deputy President, DUSA
  • Professor Ann Burchell

External Members: Mr Ewan Malcolm (independent mediator), Mr Jeremy Scuse (Catalyst Mediation Ltd), Mr David Bleiman (formerly of UCU) and Mr Ronald Bradbeer (Eversheds).

Mrs Fiona O'Donnell is the lead and co-ordinator of the edr facilitators.