Acas/TUC Mediation Guide

Acas and the TUC have launched a new guide for trade union representatives on workplace mediation, and how mediation can avoid costly disputes.

The new guide covers:

  • What happens during mediation
  • The role of representatives in mediation and how to support members
  • Working with employers to set up mediation arrangements
  • How mediation fits with other workplace procedures and agreements
  • Trade Union reps acting as mediators

Acas have another mediation guide available aimed at employers.



Academic Affairs have purchased the following EDR related books which are held in the Academic Affairs office. Please contact Karen Stulka if you would like to borrow any of them:

  • Getting to Yes by Roger Fisher, William Ury, Bruce Patton

"Getting to Yes" offers a concise, step-by-step, proven strategy for coming to mutually acceptable agreements in every sort of conflict 
ISBN 0099248425; Author Fisher, Roger ;Title: Getting to yes : negotiating an agreement without giving in / Roger Fisher and William Ury with Bruce Patton editor 
Shelf number : KL 90 F 535 Law Library (6 copies) 
Shelf number : 658.405 2 F 535 Main Library (1 copy) 
Shelf number : 658.4052 FIS SNM (Kirkcaldy) Library 
Shelf number : 658.4052 FIS Ninewells Library (2 copies)

  • Mediation: Positive Conflict Management by John M. Haynes, Gretchen L. Haynes, Larry Sun Fong

The book not only covers a range of mediation cases, but also uniquely provides feedback from the clients as they reflect on the sessions and report on what worked best for them 
ISBN 0791459527; Author Haynes, John M.; Title: Mediation: positive conflict management / John Michael Haynes, Gretchen L. Haynes, Larry Sun Fong. 
Shelf number : 303.69 H 424 Main Library

  • The Mediator's Handbook by Jennifer E. Beer, Eileen Stief

Resource for people working in corporations, government agencies, community organizations, schools, or any other situation where there is a need to build bridges between diverse perspectives. 
ISBN 9780865713598; Author Beer, Jennifer E.; Title: The mediator's handbook / Jennifer E. Beer with Eileen Stief ; developed by Friends Conflict Resolution Programs. 
Shelf number : 303.69 B 415 Main Library

  • Mediation for Managers: Resolving Conflict and Rebuilding Relationships at Work by John Crawley, Katherine Graham

This is an accessible and practical guide to becoming an effective mediator at work 
ISBN 9781857883152; Author Crawley, John; Title: Mediation for managers : resolving conflict and rebuilding relationships at work / John Crawley & Katherine Graham. 
Shelf number 658.405 C 911 Main Library

  • Resolving Conflicts At Work By Ken Cloke, Kenneth Cloke, Joan Goldsmith

definitive and comprehensive work provides a handy guide for resolving conflicts, miscommunications, and misunderstandings at work 
ISBN 0787980242; Author Cloke, Ken ; Title: Resolving conflicts at work : eight strategies for everyone on the job / Kenneth Cloke, Joan Goldsmith 
Shelf number : 301.23 C 643 Main Library

  • How to Reduce Workplace Conflict and Stress By Anna Maravelas

How to Reduce Workplace Conflict and Stress will help executives, supervisors, and managers-and the people that work for them-protect pride, profit and productivity from these disabling emotions 
ISBN 1564148181; Author Maravelas, Anna; Title: How to reduce workplace conflict and stress : how leaders and their employees can protect their sanity and productivity from tension and turf wars / by Anna Maravelas. 
Shelf number: 658.405 3 M 311 Main Library

  • The Third Side: Why We Fight and how We Can Stop By William Ury

Using new archaeological and anthropological evidence, the author explains how to resolve conflicts in the home, work, and the world by identifying the "Third Side" of seemingly black-and-white arguments 
ISBN 0140296344; Author Ury, William; Title: The third side : why we fight and how we can stop / William L. Ury. 
Shelf number: 303.69 U 83 Main Library