Day 2 – Friday 22 November 2013
10.00am Coffee
10.30am - 1.30pm

Storyteller introduction - Brian Cox and Anne Marie Bottoms

Four short scenarios

For each:
10 mins - scenario
10 mins - mediation
10 mins - mediators reflection with the audience

Mark - Mark Ross
Mark’s Mum (Maureen) - Maureen Phillip
University member of staff (Kevin) - Kevin Parr
Mark’s PA (Jade) - Jade Anderson


Student mediators to ask questions after each scenario:
Katherine Glen
Timothy Hustler-Wraight
Jivko Jeliazkov
James Whiteside

Final Reflection Panel on the scenarios:
Leading the reflection: Dr Lesley McLellan and Professor Rami Abboud
Valerie Dougan
Loretto Lambe, PAMIS
Linda Paterson
Ronald Bradbeer
Liz Law
David Hossack
Jeremy Scuse
Graham Boyack
Joined by two student mediators (Evana Ferguson and Terri O'Brien)

  Vote by the audience
1.30pm Close by the edr mediators followed by lunch
  SMN Workplace and Employment Initiative Group to follow