Chris Byrne

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Chris Byrne engages with visual culture as a curator, educator and writer. Chris lectures in History & Theory across undergraduate and postgraduate courses, and currently leads the written component of the Master of Fine Art. His undergraduate teaching covers an eclectic range of topics: from the work of Marshall McLuhan and Walter Benjamin; the evolution of copyright and surveillance; to contemporary art in the Balkans, video art and sound art.

His main practice as a curator and researcher over the past decade has been focused on networked and collaborative art practices, Internet art, sound, and performance. He curated and organised numerous projects, exhibitions, performances, and residencies with artists across Scotland and internationally. Chris has also continued his long standing interest in moving image media, in particular video art and experimental film. More recently he has rediscovered an enthusiasm for artworks experimenting with traditional media: painting, drawing, sculpture and print.

Chris is Co-director of Art Research Communication, an Edinburgh based company working internationally with artists, exhibitions and critical context. Current projects include curated exhibitions and artists' residencies as part of a recently established international initiative called ARC Projects. Over the past two years this has involved collaborations with a number of artists from South East Europe and the UK.

Chris also writes on art and media related topics, publishing in a number of UK and international imprints.

Research Projects

Recent projects include:

2009: Thomson & Craighead at ARCO Madrid. A solo exhibition by artists Thomson & Craighead at international contemporary art event ARCO, Madrid, Spain. The exhibition included a new media installation, collages, digital print. Supported by Yamaha.

2008: Thoughts Within Thoughts, an exhibition by Alec Finlay and Pravdoliub Ivanov at ARC Projects gallery in Sofia, Bulgaria. The exhibition featured sculpture, drawing, photography, prints and artists' multiples. Supported by the British Council.2007-8: Edinburgh Art Festival. Organised two artist residencies in Edinburgh, for Lala Rascic (Sarajevo), and Mare Tralla (Tallinn). Lala created a new work, plus a blog which continues to date; Mare created plein air paintings for the exhibition Mutatis Mutandis, at Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh. Supported by the Scottish Arts Council.