Caroline Erolin

+44 (0)1382 388627/388352
Course Coordinator (MSc Medical Art)


Dr Caroline Erolin, PhD, MPhil, PGCert, BA (Hons), joined the University in 2005 and began lecturing in 2007, leading a variety of modules on the MSc’s Medical Art and Forensic Art & Facial Identification. In 2014 she became the course leader for the MSc in Medical Art and led the restructure of course ensuring it was up to date and fit for purpose. Caroline remains actively involved in consultation and service work both within the department and with external clients.

Her research interests focus on the future of medical art and artists, particularly in relation to new and developing technologies. She obtained her PhD in 2016 with her research into the development and use of the virtual reality haptic dissection of anatomical models. Caroline is also involved in research projects and collaborations with many other members of staff and students. 



• PhD; 2016
Thesis entitled “Does Virtual Haptic Dissection Improve Student Learning?”

• MPhil; 2002
Thesis entitled “Reconstructing the Visual Manifestations of Disease”

• PgCert in Teaching in Higher Education; 2008

Professional Membership
• Member of the Institute of Medical Illustrators (IMI).

• Member of the Medical Artists’ Association of Great Britain (MAA)

• Registered Medical Illustration Practitioner (through the Academy for Healthcare Science (AHCS))

• Member of Association Européenne des Illustrateurs Médicaux et Scientifiques (AEIMS)

• Member of the British Association for Human Identification (BAHID)

• Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (HEA)

Research Projects

Facial Reconstruction of Ancient Egyptian 'Screaming Mummy'. May - June 2008

Commissioned by Atlantic Productions.
Produced in collaboration with Dr Caroline Wilkinson and Janice Aitken. 
The analysis and depiction of the facial appearance of an ancient Egyptian mummy known as the 'screaming man'. Discovered in a royal burial cache in 1886. Theorised to be a disgraced son of Rameses III who tried to overthrow his father. This project employed Computed Tomography (CT) data of the skull along with images of the soft tissue remains to inform the digital reconstruction. The reconstruction process utilises state of the art 'Haptic' feedback technology alongside virtual sculpting software. This methodology allows for non-invasive research. The finished reconstruction will be featured in an upcoming television documentary produced by Atlantic Productions.


Selected publications:

Erolin, C, Lamb, C, Soames, R & Wilkinson, C. 2016, 'Does virtual haptic dissection improve student learning? A multi-year comparative study'. in JD Westwood, SW Westwood, L Fellander-Tsai, CM Fidopiastis, A Liu, S Senger & KG Vosburgh (eds), Medicine Meets Virtual Reality 22. Los Angeles. IOS Press. Studies in Health Technology and Informatics, vol. 220, pp. 110-117. ISBN print: 978-1-61499-624-8

Short, LJ, Khambay, B, Ayoub, A, Erolin, C, Rynn, C & Wilkinson, C. 2014, 'Validation of a computer modelled forensic facial reconstruction technique using CT data from live subjects: a pilot study' Forensic Science International, vol 237, pp. 147. ISSN (Print): 0379-0738

Erolin, C, Shoja, MM, Loukas, M, Shokouhi, G, Rashidi, MR, Khalili, M & Tubbs, RS. 2013, 'What did Avicenna (Ibn Sina, 980-1037A.D.) look like?' International Journal of Cardiology, vol 167, no. 5, pp. 1660-1663. ISSN (Print): 0167-5273

Strong, J & Erolin, C. 2013, 'Preference for detail in medical illustrations amongst professionals and laypersons' Journal of Visual Communication in Medicine, vol 36, no. 1-2, pp. 38-43. ISSN (Print): 1745-3054

Hyde, L, Erolin, C, & Ker, J 2012, 'Creation of abdominal palpation model prototype for training of medical students in detection and diagnosis of liver disease' Journal of Visual Communication in Medicine, vol 35, no. 3, pp. 104-14.

Erolin, C, Wilkinson, C & Soames, R. 2011, 'Virtual reality haptic dissection' Journal of Visual Communication in Medicine, vol 34, no. 4, pp. 193-199. ISSN (Print): 1745-3054


Selected exhibits:
Facial Reconstruction of women from the 1755 Lisbon Earthquate. Erolin, C. Exhibition at the Academia das Ciências de Lisboa (ACL). From July 7th 2016.

Facial Reconstruction of Thankerton man. Erolin, C. & Aitken, J. Exhibition at Bigger and Upper Clydesdale Museum. From July 27th 2015.

Lincoln Castle facial reconstruction. Erolin, C. & Aitken, J. Exhibition in Lincoln Castle. From 8 Jun 2015.

Beachy Head Lady. Wilkinson, C., Erolin, C. Exhibition at Eastbourne Museum. From 1st February 2014. Includes painted facial reconstruction.

The Real Face of Robert Burns Revealed. Wilkinson C., Rynn, C., Erolin C. STV documentary. Broadcast January 22nd 2013.

Virtual Specimens from the D’Arcy Thompson Museum. Erolin, C. & Jarron, M. Online via Sketchfab. From June 2016.