Andy Milligan

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Programme Director, Interior & Environment Design


Andy is interested in place-based prototyping and in new domestechtopias that reflect our altered domestic, technological and utopian experiences of dwelling. He is an international coordinator for GIDE, Group for International Design Education and co-editor/author of 'CampUS', 2017; 'Design Feeds the Planet', 2015; Design in Action / Celebration', 2014 amongst others. In 2016, he gained 'Festival of Architecture' funding and was an invited panel member for the British Council's 'What's the Future of Domestic Life' event with Creative Dundee, Architecture Fringe and Sumi Bose UK Architecture Pavilion, Venice Biennale. He presented at Test Unit's 'Art, Architecture, Design & the City' event as part of Agile Cities, Glasgow, 2016 focusing on pedagogy and the PARK[ing] Day manifesto. He has been an invited expert at AHRC focus groups including 'Antimicrobial Resistance in Indoor Environments', 2016; 'Proto Publics Social Design Sprint', Lancaster University, 2015, and 'Connected Communities & Design Summit & Showcase', Edinburgh, 2013. Andy initiated, and co-founded, 'Interiors Forum Scotland' with research colleagues from Glasgow and Edinburgh HEI's leading to international conferences and two co-edited publications- 'Interior Tools Interior Tactics: Debates in Interior Theory and Practice', 2011, and 'Thinking Inside the Box: A Reader in Interiors for the 21st Century', 2007.

He is currently developing a third conference for 2017-18 on the theme of 'Prototyping Place' with IE Interior Educators, UK. He's published widely including 'Handbook of Interior Architecture and Design' 2013, and contributed to numerous international review panels, including IDEA 'Urban Interior' Journal 2015. Previous industry experience includes periods with 'Nicoll Russell Studios: Architects & Interior Designers' where he was an RIBA Gold Medal team member, and in a commercial capacity with the 'RIAS, Royal Incorporation for Architects in Scotland'. He has been an External Examiner / Reviewer in the UK, Italy, Singapore and Greece and is an RSA and a Higher Education Fellow.

Research projects

Research outputs

  • Milligan, Andrew; MacLaren, Alex (Lead / Corresponding author); Pryde Hamilton, Alison; Wilson, Mark; Simmonds, Rachel; McCarthy, John. “Educating Students for the Collaborative Workplace: Facilitating Interdisciplinary Learning on Accredited Construction Courses” in International Journal of Construction Education and Research [iJCER] special edition, 2017.
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  • Milligan, Andrew (ed.); Fassi, Davide Gong, Miaosen; Van Geetsom, Nansi; Vegni, Isabela; Meyer, Marion; Bole, Petra; and Collins, David.  “Design in Action GIDE 2012 & Celebration GIDE 2013.” Maggioli Editore SpA, 2015. P.126 / Word count: 55,000. 
  • Milligan, Andrew; Wilson, Sandra; Gomez Flores, Lilia; Robertson, Lesli; Thurman, James; and Kralj Pavlovec, Jasna. “Border Crossing: the Dynamic Interplay Between Place, Culture and Creativity'in Aesthetics-European League of Institutes of the Arts [ELIA], 2014. 
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