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Mel Woods

Mel Woods


Tel: 01382 384646
DJCAD Visual Research Centre, Dundee Contemporary Arts,
152 Nethergate, Dundee. DD1 4DY


Mel Woods' practice led research in Art and Design has developed interfaces and explored interaction between people to foster creativity and affect. Throughout her academic career she has published nationally and internationally, created digital artefacts and exhibits. Mel recently won the Imperica Prize 2013 for Installation using data from the British Library ‘Booksight’ at British Computer Society, EVA Conference 2013.

Mel has extensive experience leading interdisciplinary teams across art, design, computer science (Artificial Intelligence, Open Data and Semantic Web) HCI and ethnography, and is working with external partners and businesses. In this sense she aims to position her interdisciplinary approach to questions with direct application to benefit business, culture and society.

Mel is a founding member of Girl Geeks Scotland and has worked with NESTA and The Cultural Enterprise Office as a mentor for entrepreneurs in the creative industries.

Research Projects

Co-I 'Design in Action' £6.7 million

AHRC Knowledge Exchange Hub

PI Georgina Follett

Collaborating Institutions: Abertay University, Robert Gordon University, St Andrews University, University of Edinburgh (ECA), Glasgow School of Art (GSA).

Dates: August 2013 - 

DiA is exploring the strategic role of design (using designers and design methods) for business as a model for business and economic growth in Scotland.

PI 'StoryStorm' 

Digital Economy EPSRC Communities and Culture Network+ 

Collaborators: Daisy Abbott, GSA, Helen Graham, Leeds University, Deborah Maxwell, Edinburgh University.

Dates July 2013 -

Storystorm explores the role of storytelling methods and technologies in developing, capturing and relaying significant narratives from 'communities with an urgent story to tell'. Storystorm Dundee took place on 28th November 2013, and the next event will be with communities in York, early in 2014.

PI 'SerenA Chance Encounters in the Space of Ideas'.

Digital Economy Designing Effective Research Spaces £1.87 million

Collaborators: Ruth Aylett, Heriot Watt, Ann Blandford, UCL, Sarah Sharples, Nottingham, Jon Whittle Lancaster, Geraint Wiggins, Goldsmiths,

Dates: June 2010 – November 2013

Investigating serendipity and defining its role in research and innovation, the project will develop a new application to support 'finding the things we do not know, we need to know' for mobile and ubicomp. SerenA will be embedded in physical and digital environments such as Libraries in the UK.

PI Sonic Phonic -  Towards a Generative Alphabet

AHRC Small Grant Award £20,000.

Alt W Research and Development Award

Dates: Sept 2006 – Sept 2007

Developed as an interactive alphabetic prototype to investigate the impact of the digital fusion of image and sound through one of the building blocs of language and communication: the alphabet. The work poses key questions around the potential for technology to influence our communication and understanding of culture at its most basic and fundamental

PhD Supervision

Daniel Norton. (SerenA RCUK Funded) 'Investigating Music Mixing: Creative Methods in Sound’ 2013

Lisa Cresswell (DiA AHRC Funded) 'Communicating the Value of Design Led Knowledge Exchange' 2012 - 2015 

Rebecca Lindsay (DIA AHRC Funded) 'Building New Social Metrics for Business; Exploring methods of Co-Creation with Rural Businesses and Communities'