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Image of Janice Aitken

Janice Aitken MSc, BA (Hons, PGCCE)

Senior Lecturer, Associate Dean for Quality and Academic Standards

Image of Peter Amoore

Peter Amoore

Curatorial Assistant

Image of Chris Byrne

Chris Byrne BA (Hons), PGDip


Image of Reinhard Behrens

Reinhard Behrens


Image of Fraser Bruce

Fraser Bruce

Course Director (Product Design)

Image of Phil Braham

Phil Braham

Course Director (Art, Philosophy & Contemporary Practices)

Image of Fiona Brown

Fiona Brown

School Manager

Image of Christina Hirst

Christina Hirst BDes (Hons), MDes

Lecturer in Jewellery and Metal Design

Image of Sharon Campbell

Sharon Campbell BDes(Hons), MDes

Animation Course Director

Image of Calum Colvin

Calum Colvin DA, MA (RCA), RSA, OBE

Head of Contemporary Art Practice

Image of Loraine Clarke

Loraine Clarke

Research Associate

Image of Sarah Cook

Sarah Cook

Reader / Dundee Fellow

Image of Malcolm Cheyne

Malcolm Cheyne


Image of Polly Duplock

Polly Duplock

Programme Director (Social Digital)

Image of Gair Dunlop

Gair Dunlop MSc, BA

Course Director (Time Based Art & Digital Film)

Image of Matthew Dalziel

Matthew Dalziel

Senior Lecturer

Image of Eileen Daily

Eileen Daily

School Technician Exhibitions and Events

Image of Andrew Dodds

Andrew Dodds BA (Hons)

Operations Manager

Image of Tracey Drummond

Tracey Drummond

Admin Assistant (Learning and Teaching/Admissions)

Image of Caroline Erolin

Dr Caroline Erolin MPhil, PGCert, BA (Hons)

Course Coordinator (MSc Medical Art)

Image of David Faithfull

David Faithfull BA


Image of Graham Fagen

Graham Fagen BA (Hons), MA

Senior Lecturer

Image of Fiona Fyffe-Lawson

Fiona Fyffe-Lawson

School Administrator (Research)

Image of Malcolm Finnie

Malcolm Finnie

Computer Support Specialist

Image of Lindsey Gardiner

Lindsey Gardiner MDes, MA


Image of Gary Gowans

Gary Gowans BDes (Hons), MISTD

Course Director (Graphic Design)

Image of Emily Gray

Emily Gray

Curatorial Assistant

Image of Alan Greig

Alan Greig

Technician (Art & Media)

Image of Kevin Henderson

Kevin Henderson

Lecturer (Teaching and Scholarship)

Image of Paul Liam Harrison

Paul Liam Harrison PhD

Lecturer (Teaching and Research)

Image of Paul Harris

Paul Harris

Professor and Dean of DJCAD

Image of Drew Hemment

Drew Hemment

Dundee Fellow, Reader

Image of Ellie Harrison

Ellie Harrison

Lecturer in Contemporary Art Practices

Image of Sophia Hao

Sophia Hao MA

Curator of Exhibitions

Image of Daniel Hill

Daniel Hill MSc

Technical Manager

Image of Mark Hunter

Mark Hunter MFA

Printmaking Technician

Image of Sue Hughan

Sue Hughan DA, DipEd

Art Materials Shop

Image of Edwin Janssen

Edwin Janssen


Image of Christine Kingsley

Christine Kingsley


Image of Gary Kennedy

Gary Kennedy BDes (Hons),MA RCA

Lecturer (Teaching and Scholarship)

Image of Jane Keith

Jane Keith BDes(Hons)


Image of Sean Kingsley

Sean Kingsley B.A. (Hons), PG Dip, M.Phil


Image of Christopher Lim

Christopher Lim Dip MechEng, BEng (Hons), PhD, FRSA


Image of Helen McCoig

Helen McCoig BA(Hons)

Lecturer (Teaching and Scholarship)

Image of Jackie Malcolm

Jackie Malcolm BA(Hons)


Image of Kim McGillivray

Kim McGillivray

Lecturer (Teaching and Scholarship)

Image of Douglas Mullen

Douglas Mullen BDes (Hons), MDes

Lecturer (Teaching and Scholarship)

Image of Andy Milligan

Andy Milligan

Course Director (Interior & Environmental Design)

Image of Murdo Macdonald

Murdo Macdonald MA, PhD, LCAD, HRSA

Professor in the History of Scottish Art

Image of Scott Myles

Scott Myles

Dundee Fellow

Image of Tracy Mackenna

Tracy Mackenna

Chair of Contemporary Art Practice,
Director / MFA Art, Society & Publics programme

Image of Wendy Moncur

Professor Wendy Moncur

Interdisciplinary Chair of Digital Living

Image of Mary Modeen

Professor Mary Modeen

Associate Dean (International), Coordinator of PhD Studies, and Programme Director MFA in Art and Humanities.

Image of Andrew Maclean

Andrew Maclean MSc BA(hons)

AV Technician

Image of Christine McLachlan

Christine McLachlan BSc (Hons)

Co-ordinator of the Artists Model Programme & General Course Admission Assistant

Image of Lee Mitchell

Lee Mitchell BDes (Hons)


Image of Paul Mackinnon

Paul Mackinnon BSc (Hons), MSc

Computer Support Specialist

Image of Rebecca Makepeace

Rebecca Makepeace BA (Hons)

Textile Technician

Image of Roddy Mathieson

Roddy Mathieson BA (Hons)


Image of Anna Notaro

Anna Notaro

Senior Lecturer Contemporary Media Theory Co-Director Research Degrees and PhD Studies

Image of Ali Napier

Ali Napier

Studio Support Specialist, Digital Interaction Design and Product Design

Image of Shaleph O'Neill

Shaleph O'Neill

Head of Communication Design

Image of Graham Pullin

Graham Pullin MDesRCA, MPhil, MA(Oxon)

Course Director (Digital Interaction Design)

Image of Michael Peter

Michael Peter PhD, MFA, BA, LTA module

Course Director (Illustration)

Image of Stephen Partridge

Stephen Partridge

Professor of Media Art, Associate Dean of Research (Art & Design)

Image of Jeanette Paul

Professor Jeanette Paul BSc Barch(Hons) RIBA ARIAS

Associate Dean

Image of Caroline Peters

Caroline Peters HND

Admin Lead for Learning and Teaching and QAS

Image of Gordon Robertson

Gordon Robertson

Visual Communications Archivist

Image of Teena Ramsay

Teena Ramsay

Course Director (Jewellery & Metal Design)

Image of Chris Rowland

Chris Rowland

Professor of 3D Visualisation

Image of Jon Rogers

Jon Rogers

Professor of Creative Technology

Image of Natalie Russell

Natalie Russell


Image of Jackie Ritchie

Jackie Ritchie BA (Hons)

School Office Administrative Manager

Image of Edward Summerton

Edward Summerton BA(Hons), PGDip, RSA

Senior Lecturer

Image of Frances Stevenson

Frances Stevenson

Head of Design & Craft

Image of Iain Sturrock

Iain Sturrock


Image of Elaine Shemilt

Elaine Shemilt BA, MA, RCA, FRSA, FRGS

Professor of Fine Art Printmaking

Image of Louise Scullion

Louise Scullion BA(Hons)

Senior Lecturer

Image of Pernille Spence

Pernille Spence BA(Hons), PGdip


Image of Judy Scott

Judy Scott

Printed Textiles Technician

Image of Linda Spalding

Linda Spalding

Admin Lead for Student Recruitment and Internationalisation

Image of Nick Taylor

Nick Taylor

Senior Lecturer and Dundee Fellow

Image of Pamela Third

Pamela Third

PA to Management

Image of Phillip Vaughan

Phillip Vaughan BDes(Hons)

Course Director (MSc Animation & VFX)

Image of Louise Valentine

Dr Louise Valentine PhD, FRSA, MDes, BA(Hons)

Senior Lecturer

Image of Phong Van Dam

Phong Van Dam BA(Hons)

Sculpture Technician

Image of Mark Wallace

Mark Wallace BA(Hons), MSc, PG Dip HE

Lecturer (Teaching & Scholarship)

Image of Arthur Watson

Arthur Watson

Course Director (Fine Art)

Image of Mel Woods

Mel Woods


Image of Sandra Wilson

Sandra Wilson

Senior Lecturer (Teaching & Research- Jewellery &
Metal Design)

Image of Sang hun Yu

Sang hun Yu MSc, BA

3D Digital Animation Support Specialist