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Serious Cartoons - Visual Communication of Personalised Health Information

Miriam Waite 

Visits to the doctors can be overwhelming, both emotionally and in terms of information overload. Some patients struggle with making sense of the complicated explanations given to them by doctors in appointments or handouts and their willingness to stick to their treatment, and by extension the condition of their disease, can suffer as a result. Previous research has shown that, especially for patients with low health literacy, visual explanations can improve patients’ understanding of their condition.

The aim of this research is to establish the best way(s) in which to communicate complex health information in a personalised visual form to patients with either glaucoma or diabetes. To do this, innovative approaches will be developed to translate clinical images and allied diagnostic information into personalised visual narratives (‘serious cartoons’) that support patients’ understanding and recall of their medical condition, treatment programme and prognosis. 

Supervisor: Dr Wendy Moncur, Reader in Socio-Digital Interaction

Second Supervisor: Professor Chris Rowland, Professor of 3D Visualisation