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Research Projects

Funder: University of Dundee
Start Date: May 1998

The Activity of Rhetoric within the Process of a Designer's Thinking
The Activity of Rhetoric within the Process of a Designer's Thinking

Main project collaborators

Doctoral Researcher: Louise Valentine

Outputs (to date):

Valentine, L. and Ivey, M. (2009). Sustaining Ambiguity and Fostering Openness in the (Design) Learning Environment. In: Journal of Art, Design and Communication in Higher Education, Volume 7, Issue 3.

McGhee, J.B. and Valentine, L. (2007). ‘Reflections: the role of the computer artist in communicating and visualising Magnetic Resonance’. In: Pollier-Green, P, de Velde, A, and Pollier, C., Eds. ‘Confronting Mortality with Art and Science: Scientific and Artistic impressions on What the Certainty of Death Says about Life'. Brussels: VUPRESS Brussels University Press, pp196-207.

Valentine, L. (2007). ‘Devising the Plot: communicating designers thinking through storytelling’. 7th European Academy of Design Conference Proceedings, 10-14 April 2007, University of Economics, Izmir, Turkey.

McGhee, J. and Valentine, L. (2006). 'Navigating Complexity through Visual Practice: an exploration of the role of 3-D computer animation as a means of improving communication of arterial disease, between clinicians and patients at the diagnostic stage of illness.' Reflections on Creativity International Conference, University of Dundee, Scotland. 20-21 April. ISBN 1 899837 56 6

Valentine, L. (2005). ‘Observing Observations: the reflective use of design research methods’. 6th European Academy of Design Conference Proceedings, 29-31 March 2005, University of Bremen, Germany. Valentine, L. (2004). ‘The Activity of Rhetoric within the Process of a Designer’s Thinking’. In: designjournalen, 1/04, pp 17-27.

Valentine, L. and Ivey, M. (2002). ‘Mindful Interrogation: The Changing Role of Design History’. Presented at the Mind the Map, 3rd International Conference on Design History and Design Studies, 9-12 July 2002, Istanbul, Turkey.

Valentine, L. (2002). ‘The Choreography of Leadership and the Capture of Process Knowledge’. Presented at: The 11th International Forum on Design Management Proceedings: Strategic, Resources & Tools for Design Management Leadership, 10-12 June 2002, Northeastern University, Boston, USA.

Valentine, L. (2001). 'Visual Thinking: an observational tool for group enquiry'. In: Ivey, M. [Ed.] Exploring the Interface between Education and the Creative Industries. Glasgow: The Lighthouse. ISBN 00 9536533 1 5

Valentine, L. and Baxter, S. (2001). 'Understanding and Applying Visual Thinking in a Doctoral Context'. In: d3 desire, designum, design, 4th European Academy of Design Conference Proceedings, 10-12 April 2001, Univeridade de Aveiro, Portugal.

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