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Research Projects

Funder - AHRC Start Date - March 2009
Conclusion date – March 2011 with ongoing exhibitions
Scale of funding - £440,000 against a total of nearly £529K.

Research at DJCAD
Poetry Beyond Text: Vision, Text and Cognition

Main project collaborators

Dr. Andrew Michael Roberts (PI), -English, University of Dundee
Mary Modeen - (CI), DJCAD, University of Dundee
Dr. Martin Fischer (CI), Psychology, University of Dundee
Dr. Lisa Otty (CI), Post-doc English, University of Dundee
Dr. Anna Schaffner (CI), English, Univ of Kent, Canterbury
Dr. Ulrich Weger (CI), Psychology, Univ of Kent, Canterbury
Dr. Kim Knowles (CI) Post-doc, English/Film, Univ of Kent, Canterbury

Project Overview

Poetry Beyond Text: Vision, Text and CognitionPoetry Beyond Text: Vision, Text and Cognition is a research project based in the University of Dundee and the University of Kent, and involving specialists from the disciplines of Comparative and English Literature, Art, and Psychology. The project uses psychological, critical and creative methods to study how readers respond to the visual aspects of poetry. These include the shape of visual or concrete poetry (where words are arranged spatially in particular patterns on the page), the combination of poetry with images (in artists' books and prints), and the moving words and images found in digital poetry (a relatively new form of poetry which is usually web-based and often interactive) and experimental film/digital media.

Envisaged Outputs:

  • curating a series of commissioned artworks and poetry, in various formats including artists books, prints with text, film, digital poetry, concrete poetry, eye-tracker data, mixed-media artworks, installations, etc.
  • a series of exhibitions, beginning in Dundee in Feb 2011 at the VRC and Abertay; following with exhibitions in Edinburgh, York, Dublin and elsewhere through 2012; these events will have associated activities such as  readings, etc.
  • a dedicated website
  • various essays, singly and co- authored (for example, on ambiguity, on convergence, on space, on interdisciplinary methodologies, on ‘Chinese Whispers’, etc).
  • exhibition publication in progress