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Research Projects

Funder: ESRC with Fife Council, SFC and LARCI
Start Date: September 2009
Scale of funding: £100K 

Research at DJCAD
Enhancing Local Authorities' Community Engagement

Main project collaborators

CI Hamid van Koten
PI Dr. Rehema White
CI Dr. Emilia Rerraro
CI Dr Justin Kenrick

Other researchers involved

University of St Andrews / Fife Council / Fife Community groups

Project Overview

Enhancing Local Authorities' Community EngagementTo produce a cooperative design of an integrated strategy for local authorities to engage with local communities for reduction of carbon emissions. This strategy will be based on sound academic theory, aligned with local authority structures, informed by external approaches and grounded in a network of existing initiatives and institutions. Interdisciplinary, multi stakeholder workshops and seminars will be held on the topics of Food, Energy use, Transport and Community mobilisation. Placement exchanges, capacity building and close working with Fife Council and other local authorities will develop a practical legacy from the research undertaken. The project will also reflect more broadly on mechanisms by which sustainable development principles can be implemented through this exploration of the cross sectoral, multigoal, participatory working required by government.

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Outputs: Scoping Study / Academic paper / Policy Document / Website