Irene Orr

Current research/thesis title:

Craft: Process and Wellbeing

"In what ways does making things contribute to our health and wellbeing?"

In what ways does making things contribute to our health and wellbeing?

Other than a widely acknowledged economic contribution, in what other ways does the making of craft enrich ourselves, our communities and to society as a whole?

We are all accustomed to the knowledge that craft can be art, a functional product. But can the process of informed learning a practice afford us much more to our understanding of what it means to be human? How may we describe this ontology?

How does this creative journey instruct us on our surroundings, our communities, and our relationships? Does this have consequence for us collectively, culturally, and have a meaningful benefit to a sustained way of life?

I envision through a process of concentrated making, reflective practice featuring the creative thought process, documentation of physical making, using metalwork, drawing, journals, model making, photography and detailing the trajectory of thought possible outcomes will be revealed.

I will research my practice, process and its qualities. I will research relevant practices and current thoughts in Anthropology, Mindfulness and Meditation to make comparatives. As the research progresses guided by literature, affiliated or connected fields will all help to steer the eventual conclusions.

As a visual artist, it is important to present this research predominantly in a visual context, to highlight the importance of a visual language and that it can be as influential as a written language. Film, documentary, exhibition, installation all have strong communicative dialogue accessible to the viewer. This is the reason I wish to use these visual methods to record this research and journey.