Andrea McSwan

PhD title

Light for the Blind: Exploring 3D Animation and Immersive Digital Film, to Represent the Perceptual-Experiences of the Blind

This thesis introduces the advanced capabilities of 3D animation and haptic film technology to help facilitate the communication between the blind and the sighted.

Annie Runkel

PhD title

Unlocking the Utopian Potential of Boredom

In response to a growing body of work in the field of boredom research which sees the experience of boredom as an important incentive for a change in human behaviour, the project sets out to explore the energising potential of boredom in the context of socially engaged artistic practice.

Cate Newton

PhD title

William Turnbull, Process Philosophies, and Material Practice

My research explores Turnbull's place in the Modernist movement, challenging frequently-used descriptions of "timelessness" in that movement and establishing how his work can be recast as a means of addressing questions around history and contemporaneity in contemporary art.

Drew Walker

PhD title

The Importance of Place: Gugging, Patient, Art, Doctor und Die Welt

What is the nature of the artistic and psychological process between patient-artist and artist-doctor in the psychiatric facility of Maria Gugging, in Lower Austria?

Eleni Vlachaki

PhD title

The Kapodistrian Orphanage and Aegina Prison: Can the arts function within a social context as a catalyst for change in our relationship with our past and our immediate environment?

Within this historical and social context this practice led research explores the potential of material objects and practices through first-hand exposure to connect us to our past and with each other.

Hamer Dodds

PhD title

The sublime and the unimaginably unpresentable.

My research interests itself the 'emergent biosciences' and sublime qualities associated with them using scientific techniques within artistic practice.

Helen Roger

PhD title

A New Culture of Learning, University of the Highlands and Islands

This research will inform our future holistic and strategic approach to lecturer training, Creative Industries curriculum development; connect communities and enable wider access and collaboration internationally and within the Highlands and Islands of Scotland.

Irene Orr

PhD title

Craft: Process and Wellbeing

In what ways does making things contribute to our health and wellbeing?

Jade Lauren Gunnell

PhD title

Co-created Citizen Science for Community Action

This project aims to identify what co-created citizen science can achieve for science and society, and to ascertain the core features of a successful co-created project, developing models of practice and/or interventions to support practitioner’s delivery.

Judith Fieldhouse

PhD title

Digital Memory and Photographic Memory – New Media Art, Archives and Exhibiting for a Future Life.

The research seeks to determine how the archive is viewed by artists and audiences alike, with an aim to altering the way that artists collaborate with archivists and archives.

Katie Brown

PhD title

Exploring hearing aids and super normal design

The research aims to understanding the different social and cultural relationships that exist and their link to hearing aids. It will involve the experiences and perspectives of wearers, non-wearers, health care professionals and manufacturers of hearing aids.

Laura Donkers

PhD title

Deploying collaborative artistic co-creative methods to strategically promote eco-social sustainability for small island communities

I am an environmental artist based in North Uist in the Outer Hebrides. As part of my research I have devised and led a series of community food growing projects.

Lauren Baker

PhD title

Making a Difference – The longer-term impact of the Craft Scotland programme on the development of maker careers and the Scottish creative economy

Focussing on the topic of craft business development, the research seeks to uncover the long-term impact that Craft Scotland, Scotland's national development agency for craft, has on a makers' career, and consequently the creative economy.

Lee Cheatley

PhD title

Continued Bonds: Computationally Creative Grief Support

People are increasingly turning to technology for support when someone they care about dies.

Lucy Robertson

PhD title

Sonic Textiles for Wellbeing

This research investigates adding to the natural qualities of textiles through the addition of sound, creating sonic textiles.

Miriam Mallalieu

PhD title

Taxonomies of Knowledge: a practice-led investigation into the organising, structuring and archiving of information.

I intend to use Michel Foucault's The Order of Things as one point of focus for the investigation, expanding his analysis of structures to look at systems and taxonomies with specific attention to On Growth and Form by D'Arcy Thompson.

Sang Hun Yu

PhD title

Capturing, communicating and collaborating with Virtual Reality in forensic science

This project aims to develop workflows to capture scenes (e.g. crime scenes, archaeological sites, etc) accurately, repeatedly and reliably, without decontaminating scenes using modern 3D capture technologies

Yuling Ouyang

PhD title

To Design the relationship of Co- Creativity for the Metal Art Value Chain in the Arts and Crafts Sustainable Development

This is the concept that intrigues me to search for an interesting mode in Chinese metal art.

Zhen Ge

PhD title

Digital pregnancy & Digital birth

My research is looking into a corpus of digital materials and their associated metadata as life evolves in relation to the significant life transition of becoming a parent