Bader Aldurai

PhD title

Domestic Interior Social Dynamics: Social Interactions in Kuwaiti Homes

The research aims to find better understanding of the current forms of social interactions that are caused by or causing differences in the domestic interior design to come with a problem solving approach to social developments.

Daniel Herron

PhD title

Digital Separations

How can technology be used to support people as they experience sensitive life transitions?

David Sanchez Ruano

PhD title

Designing with-in Nature: Using biophilia, biomimicry and resilience thinking as foundations for a ‘symbiotic design practice’

How can design education move from using nature as a source of aesthetic inspiration, applied simply as a catalyst to artistic problem elaboration, to the act of designing symbiotically with nature?

Deirdre MacKenna

PhD title

Duration, Cultural Programming and Sensemaking

This Ph.D. seeks to understand the role of durational programming in human sensemaking processes.

Geoff Lucas

PhD title

Towards a Concrete Art: A Practice-Led Investigation

This study aims to identify a consistent position for Concrete Art, relevant to an understanding of, and highlighting its vital importance in, contemporary practice.

Giles Sutherland

PhD title

The Road to Meikle Seggie: Richard Demarco’s Pedagogical-Creative Journeys, 1972 to 1990

The purpose of this study is to document, illuminate, analyse, comment on and explicate Richard Demarco’s pedagogical-creative journeys, between 1972 and 1990.

Gill Emslie

PhD title

The Braided Way: From Conflict to Community Social design tools for sustainability

This heuristic study uses ‘Process Work’ as a lens to evaluate the facilitation of a shift in perspective, consciousness, or meta-design.

Harriette Yarrington

PhD title

The Emotive Object

This research focuses on the nexus between Art, Conservation, and Ecology, and how sculpture can be used effectively, to reinterpret museum collections through the creation of emotive objects.

Iwona Hyrnczenko

PhD title

Periodic Table of Movements: A Reference Framework for Expressive Movement and Gesture

The research, ontological in character, analysing and mapping body language, aims to contribute to future interactive applications, based on movement recognition technology.

Joanna Bletcher

PhD title

Curating design innovation: an exploration of curatorial methodologies for an emerging design museum

The thesis argues that communication and recognition of design as an intellectual and practical activity remains underdeveloped within industry and academia.

Joanna Foster

PhD title

The Artist As Troubadour: Exploring Creative Encounter through Song, Travel and Story

I aim to uncover a process of creative exchange in live musical performance that develops in real-time between, and in relation to, the performer, audience and environment.

John Dummett

PhD title

Paper Publics: An exploration of visual, textual and verbal representations of ‘the public’

With many urban redevelopment projects, either completed or in their developmental stages, it is an opportune moment in which to critically interrogate and creatively open up and reconfigure contemporary visual, textual and verbal representations of ‘the public’.

Karin de Wild

PhD title

Activation of the mnemonic space. A memory space for Net.Art

How can art museums offer an interactive memory space for Net.Art and which fundamental changes need to be made in the (traditional) memory culture within these institutions?

Kieran Baxter

PhD title

Topographic vision: The creative application of aerial photography and digital visualisation for built heritage and archaeological narrative

This practice-based enquiry draws from the researcher’s training in digital media and practice in low altitude aerial photography techniques.

Kumanga Andrahennadi

PhD title

Mindful Design Practice: A Journey of Becoming Water

The design thinking perspective is taken in order link it to a large body of research in response to taking care of the designer’s mind and the environment.

Rebecca Lindsay

PhD title

Building New Social Metrics for Business; Exploring methods of co-creation with rural businesses and communities.

This research will explore the needs and values of communities and businesses. It investigates how values (such as lifestyle, safety, employment) can align business with communities, the potential results being both economical and societal growth.

Roddy  Hunter

PhD title

Curating The Eternal Network After Globalisation

The research focuses upon production, distribution and reception of network art practice before and after globalisation.

Saskia Coulson

Saskia's research focuses on participatory social innovation and she is developing co-creation methods for the selection, application, iteration and evaluation of project indicators.

Steven Birnie

PhD title

Local and Global Explorations Through Design Research

The work aims to understand and communicate through a series of case studies how participatory action research can be applied locally