Andrea McSwan

PhD title

Light for the Blind: Exploring 3D Animation and Immersive Digital Film, to Represent the Perceptual-Experiences of the Blind

This thesis introduces the advanced capabilities of 3D animation and haptic film technology to help facilitate the communication between the blind and the sighted.

Annie Runkel

PhD title

Unlocking the Utopian Potential of Boredom

In response to a growing body of work in the field of boredom research which sees the experience of boredom as an important incentive for a change in human behaviour, the project sets out to explore the energising potential of boredom in the context of socially engaged artistic practice.

Bader Aldurai

PhD title

Domestic Interior Social Dynamics: Social Interactions in Kuwaiti Homes

The research aims to find better understanding of the current forms of social interactions that are caused by or causing differences in the domestic interior design to come with a problem solving approach to social developments.

Cate Newton

PhD title

William Turnbull, Process Philosophies, and Material Practice

My research explores Turnbull's place in the Modernist movement, challenging frequently-used descriptions of "timelessness" in that movement and establishing how his work can be recast as a means of addressing questions around history and contemporaneity in contemporary art.

Daniel Herron

PhD title

Digital Separations

How can technology be used to support people as they experience sensitive life transitions?

David Sanchez Ruano

PhD title

Designing with-in Nature: Using biophilia, biomimicry and resilience thinking as foundations for a ‘symbiotic design practice’

How can design education move from using nature as a source of aesthetic inspiration, applied simply as a catalyst to artistic problem elaboration, to the act of designing symbiotically with nature?

Deirdre MacKenna

PhD title

Duration, Cultural Programming and Sensemaking

This Ph.D. seeks to understand the role of durational programming in human sensemaking processes.

Drew Walker

PhD title

The Importance of Place: Gugging, Patient, Art, Doctor und Die Welt

What is the nature of the artistic and psychological process between patient-artist and artist-doctor in the psychiatric facility of Maria Gugging, in Lower Austria?

Eleni Vlachaki

PhD title

The Kapodistrian Orphanage and Aegina Prison: Can the arts function within a social context as a catalyst for change in our relationship with our past and our immediate environment?

Within this historical and social context this practice led research explores the potential of material objects and practices through first-hand exposure to connect us to our past and with each other.

Geoff Lucas

PhD title

Towards a Concrete Art: A Practice-Led Investigation

This study aims to identify a consistent position for Concrete Art, relevant to an understanding of, and highlighting its vital importance in, contemporary practice.

Giles Sutherland

PhD title

The Road to Meikle Seggie: Richard Demarco’s Pedagogical-Creative Journeys, 1972 to 1990

The purpose of this study is to document, illuminate, analyse, comment on and explicate Richard Demarco’s pedagogical-creative journeys, between 1972 and 1990.

Gill Emslie

PhD title

The Braided Way: From Conflict to Community Social design tools for sustainability

This heuristic study uses ‘Process Work’ as a lens to evaluate the facilitation of a shift in perspective, consciousness, or meta-design.

Hamer Dodds

PhD title

The sublime and the unimaginably unpresentable.

My research interests itself the 'emergent biosciences' and sublime qualities associated with them using scientific techniques within artistic practice.

Harriette Yarrington

PhD title

The Emotive Object

This research focuses on the nexus between Art, Conservation, and Ecology, and how sculpture can be used effectively, to reinterpret museum collections through the creation of emotive objects.

Helen Roger

PhD title

A New Culture of Learning, University of the Highlands and Islands

This research will inform our future holistic and strategic approach to lecturer training, Creative Industries curriculum development; connect communities and enable wider access and collaboration internationally and within the Highlands and Islands of Scotland.

Irene Orr

PhD title

Craft: Process and Wellbeing

In what ways does making things contribute to our health and wellbeing?

Iwona Hyrnczenko

PhD title

Periodic Table of Movements: A Reference Framework for Expressive Movement and Gesture

The research, ontological in character, analysing and mapping body language, aims to contribute to future interactive applications, based on movement recognition technology.

Jade Lauren Gunnell

PhD title

Co-created Citizen Science for Community Action

This project aims to identify what co-created citizen science can achieve for science and society, and to ascertain the core features of a successful co-created project, developing models of practice and/or interventions to support practitioner’s delivery.

Joanna Bletcher

PhD title

Curating design innovation: an exploration of curatorial methodologies for an emerging design museum

The thesis argues that communication and recognition of design as an intellectual and practical activity remains underdeveloped within industry and academia.

Joanna Foster

PhD title

The Artist As Troubadour: Exploring Creative Encounter through Song, Travel and Story

I aim to uncover a process of creative exchange in live musical performance that develops in real-time between, and in relation to, the performer, audience and environment.

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