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DJCAD seeks to foster innovation within creative practice, employ creative practice as a methodology to enhance other disciplines or domains, and contribute towards an explicit and transparent knowledge base that furthers our disciplines in the future. Individual creative practice continues to play a major role in our research culture, alongside collaborative and interdisciplinary research, framed by rigorously tested peer-review.

Our principal objective is to produce and disseminate research that is of international standing; externally referenced and significant in terms of cultural, social and/or economic benefit.

We foster a multidisciplinary approach to research that extends far beyond our traditional strengths in art and design disciplines. Our researchers are involved in interdisciplinary projects in the arts, humanities, social sciences, physical and life sciences, technology and engineering. Research partners are based across the world, the UK as well as our local region, embedding important relationships and contributing to our community. Collaborations with outside bodies and funding agencies extend from the Higher Education funding councils, arts agencies museums and galleries, the UK Research Councils, the NHS, European Union, the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, local/regional/national and multinational companies, and charities.