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Atelier Water Project

Students from 3rd year Digital Interaction Design and Product Design (Social Digital) have been taking apart in a project to explore the connotation of water through design.

The Atelier Water brief was set to critically reflect issues of contemporary social digital design around the theme of ‘water’.

The students delivered individual articles for ICON magazine. Various agendas came through from political, though provoking issues such as water wastage and droughts to fun, playful themes such as water sports and recreation.

Following their individual writing piece, they were grouped together to conceive, design, prototype and craft a working interactive digital water-related object on a shared theme.

Graham Pullin, programme director for Digital Interaction Design said, “We have a strong studio ethos within Social Digital, it’s important that we learn from each other, focus on our niche and collaborate.”

“It is good practice to share out roles, tasks and responsibilities based on our strengths while developing a collective identity and ethos.”

Adam Khan a third-year Product Design student is working with a group who are creating a typewriter which is linked to a rain cloud.

“I was interested in nature and how nature can inspire. It has a way of fixing design – it always has a way of fixing designs.”

Another group included Molly McKinnon and Fraser Watt, both Product Design who have created a drinking foundation which will only work if you walk 6km – the average walk women and children in Africa and Asia for clean water.

“Our aim was to highlight and raise awareness of the desperate situation in some parts of the developing world.”

“Our fountain is a mix of contemporary and traditional design. We’ve used technology used to highlight distance walked in the base while the bowl element is inspired by clay pots used as water carriers.”

Arooj Alim from Digital Interaction Design and Anna Reuben from Product Design created an installation which uses sensors to pour water on homemade bath bombs creating a murky water pool.  

“Our installation is to raise awareness of contamination. The water will start clear but as more and more people walk past, the water will become dirtier. It highlights that water is a resource we shouldn’t take for granted.” 

An exhibition will be on display from 6pm on Tuesday, 5th December, 8006 Matthew building.