The printmaking workshop contains a range of resources to help students experiment with both traditional and modern printmaking techniques.

Student working in the Printmaking Workshop

As well as large format ink-jet printing and water-based screen printing, the workshop has provision for the following techniques:

  • Etching - use chemicals to produce carved lines in a metal printing plate to hold ink.
  • Lithography - use a chemical process to apply a design to a grained surface (traditionally stone but other materials can be used such as aluminium). The image areas are worked using a greasy substance and ink will stick, while the non-image areas are made ink-repellent.
  • Intaglio - images or designs are imprinted into a surface, the sunken area holds ink.
  • Screen printing - woven mesh is used with an ink-blocking stencil to transfer ink to a surface to receive a desired image.
  • Papermaking from sheet forming to sculptural
  • Relief and structural printing – protruding surfaces are inked, recessed areas are ink free
  • Film processing and printing