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Online Residency

Sean Nairn

Cooper Summer Residency 2017: Seán Elder

Seán Elder 
Cooper Summer Residency 2017

Encountering [in difference]

Cooper Summer Residency 2017 is an online art & critical writing project that takes place across Cooper Gallery’s website, social media channels and Group Critical Writing site. Writer and curator Seán Elder will reflect upon the key questions and debates raised by Cooper Gallery’s recent programme whilst intersecting them with his own research into queer theory and the formation of collective histories. 

Seán Elder is a Birmingham-based Curator from the far North of Scotland. He is currently Associate Curator at Grand Union and his research seeks to situate the Curatorial as a site for potential development and mobilisation in relation to Queer and Other’d art practices. He completed an MLitt in Curatorial Practice (Contemporary Art) at Glasgow School of Art in 2016.


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Download text: Identity is not a conclusion


Brought together by


In the navy‌‌

Download text: 18 July

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