Fern Slater-Walters

The average individual will spend approximately two thirds of their adult lives in a place of work. With continued growth of our service industries, the ‘office’ has be come one of the most common working environments within Britain. Despite this however the notion of working in an office is enough to fit many co workers with the feeling of dread./But why does the office inspire such negative emotions? Simply put; because the traditional office space is boring and uninspired. It is something that has repeatedly parodies in mainstream media as a form of living purgatory. Given that we spend so much of our lives in this environment, it is now time to start re-imagining the traditional office in order to make it enjoyable, comfortable and ultimately a productive workspace. The Great Divider project is a range of textile installations designed to enhance the work environment. The project is separated into two different collections. The first range includes handmade felt, to white washed balsa wood. Each individual design is made with texture and light in mind. All pieces let through light and in doing so bring a whole new dimension to not only themselves but the office space. The second collection is a set of wall tiles made from ink dyed balsa wood which have been sanded back and varnished, to create an inspiring display. All of these designs have been made to bring creativity and productivity into the office environment.




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