Fergus Low

Megaframe | Framing an Imagined Formal Landscape An alternate urban densification strategy is being proposed for the development of the new town at the former steelworks site at Ravenscraig, located outside of Motherwell. Currently lying derelict, the Ravenscraig new town has become an icon for the moribund commercial masterplan and a physical and metaphorical void in the surrounding communities. The research imagines a new vision for the town, inspired by a series of canonical city plans and the idealistic modernist notion of the social condenser typology. Conceptually visualised by the process of montaging, primacy is placed on the investigation between architectural form and its inherent capacity to shape city thinking. Large scale urban entities, city condensers, are placed onto the site and composed within a hybrid network of stratified infrastructural elements. The megaframe traces the historic evolution of the site and informed by the theories of the megaform and the megastructure, reorganises the transformation of the landscape from industrial [steelworks] to post-industrial [high density living].




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