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Picture this. 700m² of studio space, 12 workshops, six permanent galleries, potter wheels, 3D printers, industrial knitting machines, green screens, a foundry, milling machines, wood turners, lithography tools, darkrooms, a public museum, a fully stocked art store, photography archives including the Peto Collection (containing original photography of The Beatles, Richard Burton and Nelson Mandela) and a library with a visual research centre home to over 60,000 books including author names such as Andy Warhol, John Latham and Yoko Ono.

‌Duncan of Jordanstone has a heritage that spans back to the 1800s and its facilities have evolved through the years to provide today’s artists with the tools, equipment and inspiration they need to unveil their artistic talents in order to leave their ‘makers mark’ on the world.

In this section you’ll find information on:

  • General Facilities (Library, Art & Materials Store, Exhibition Space, Life Models)
  • Studio Facilities
  • Workshop Facilities (The Foundry, General workshop, Printmaking workshop, DJCAD Make, Ceramics, Printed Textiles, Textiles, Jewellery workshop,
  • Digital Facilities (Digital Equipment, Green Screen Studio, Photography Studio, Sound Studio, Edit Suites)

General Facilities


From A to Z, old to new, concise to comprehensive.  In our book, Duncan of Jordanstone’s library serves every type of artist.  Home to 84,706 items (from audio cassettes to maps, periodicals and dissertations, in addition to books and journals) it’s well stocked and well used (word). 

Its ‘shabby chic’ surroundings and relaxed atmosphere appeal to artisans who enjoy nostalgia and reading between the lines - there are certainly some rare jewels to be found on these shelves (such as copies of ‘Studio’ dating back to the 1800s). 

It’s not every day you can take a peek at limited print runs of the work of Iain Hamilton Finlay or Richard Long.  The library is proud to own a rare collection of ‘artists books’ (books made or conceived by artists) which are on display and updated every term.  Next time you’re passing by, take a peek in the display cabinets!

What makes the DJCAD library unique, is that it ‘brings together artists work on the shelves’.  This means that all books on Picasso's paintings are together in one location, making it easier for students to find and reference material. Sometimes we feel that every library should take a leaf out of our book.

“The DJCAD library is far more than a room full of books! My favourite part is the magazine and journal section.  Before I came to university I used to spend a silly amount per month on magazines for inspiration.  When I started my studies and had to re-evaluate my choices the DJCAD library came to the rescue! From architecture and design journals to fashion monthlies – the library has it all."

Helen Hardman, graduate of Art, Philosophy & Contemporary Practices

Exhibition Spaces‌

We don’t like to show off, but when it comes to exhibition space we have plenty.  In fact, come degree and master show time, our whole building becomes an exhibition space.  But in the meantime, here are some links to our exhibition spaces.

Cooper Gallery

Matthew Gallery


Bradshaw Gallery

Art & Materials Store  

‌From specialist pencil lead to soft toy stuffing - whatever you need, you’ll find it in the DJCAD Art & Materials Store.  And if you don’t, Sue and Fiona will try their hardest to source it for you (at the cheapest price, as soon as they possibly can).  With over 40 years of experience between them, they know the business inside-out and go to great efforts to get to know students personally and to help them source the materials they need.  This first-class service makes the shop extremely popular with students not just from Duncan of Jordanstone but across the wider University

"The art shop is a wee treasure trove – you really can find the most surprising things in there. From specialist paper to polystyrene knik-knaks to drawing inks and everything in-between, all of your creative needs are catered for by Sue and her team.  They’re also able to order in anything they might not have in stock, and will always go the extra mile to help a student in distress. When I was printing my final editions of my degree show etchings I needed a very specific paper – and luckily the DJCAD art shop was able to give me every last sheet they had.  Everywhere else was completely sold out!”

Helen Hardman, graduate of Art, Philosophy & Contemporary Practices

Life Models   


Professional life models at DJCAD are available to book for a number of provisions in many courses. Students can request specific models on an individual basis (bear with them, they’ll get back to you) and we have designated life drawing spaces also available to book.  We also run several Life Drawing classes which students are welcome to join.


They say a picture paints a thousand words.  But what about a view? Duncan of Jordanstone’s studios have vantage points offering panoramic sights over the city like no other. Each side of the building has something different to offer – the River Tay, The Law Hill, The Tay Road Bridge, Broughty Ferry estuary - if you’re inspired by scenery, our studios won’t let you down.  You also won’t be let down by their size. At DJCAD we appreciate that every artist needs his/her space and we give you just that.  Bright, spacious, open plan environments are key for encouraging group discussion, inspiration, interaction and the sharing of skills. Since you’ll spend most of your time working within the studios, they’re designed to accommodate all of these needs.


This the the view I get to have for the next 9 months in the final year of my degree. Talk about a good studio spot! #dundee #dundeescotland #photography #fineartphotography #studioart #rivertay #dundeeuni #duncanofjordanstone #djcad #landscape #view

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“This is the view I get to have for the next 9 months in the final year of my degree.  Talk about a good studio spot!.”

Abbie Sarah Dobson

Workshop Facilities

The Foundry

At DJCAD our new purpose-built Foundry is literally…on fire!

It’s opened up a whole world of metal-work possibilities especially for students who like to turn up the heat on their projects.  Metal sculptures, furniture pieces, ornaments, candle holders – you name it, you can make it!  

The facility is run by experienced, friendly technicians who help you create work safely.

Here are some of the facilities and processes involved:

Morgan Furnace - the Morgan furnace is fired with gas and air, with a top temperature of 1100⁰C, and a 50kg capacity crucible. The furnace has an overhead hoist for handling the crucible, and large moulds.

Metals - we use two different metals in the foundry - aluminium and bronze and the finishing of these involves grinding, polishing and patination.

Mould Processes - there are a variety of mould processes available including sand-moulding and lost wax casting.  Sand casting is supported via the wood workshop and uses Oilsand, Greensand, and CO2 sand. You can also use white metal and iron casting mould methods, lost-wax ceramic shell process, silicone moulds/ modelling techniques etc.

The General Workshop


Spinning, turning, dipping, mounting (and we’re not talking about dancing!) casting, oxidising, making, designing – when it comes to wood, plastic and plaster, The General Workshop is the place to be.  Run by four very experienced technicians, you’ll be led by their expertise and will gradually become more independent as your own skills develop.

Students’ creations vary.  From pieces of furniture to prototypes and installations our facilities include all the industrial tools you need to get your job done - such as saws, drills, sanders, casting slips, glazes, powders, kilns and lathes.  And our materials include sheet materials such as plywood and MDF, linear timber such as redwood and oak, plastics and different types of expanded polystyrene – giving you a great selection to work with.

“One of the best resources I used during my time at DJCAD was the workshop. It had every machine/tool you could imagine or would ever need. It enabled you to take a drawing and turn it into a final product whether it was a piece of furniture or a model. There was always such a great sense of achievement making something that initially started out as a sketch.”

Sooz Gordon, Interior and Environmental Design graduate

Ceramic Workshop


In our Ceramic Workshop everything’s thrown into the pot!  Moulds, rollers, dyes, clays and potter wheels are just a few of the resources you’ll find here. All students at DJCAD have the opportunity to realise projects in ceramics, with the assistance of an experienced ceramics technician. You can be as creative as you like with these tools and equipment – from rudimentary glass fusing and enameling to making more sophisticated objects.

Print Textiles Workshop‌

Screen Printers! Your needs are tailored for in our Printed Textiles Workshop.  We offer facilities to coat, expose and subsequently re-claim screens of various sizes and mesh counts. You’ll get the opportunity to print with a variety of dyes and pigments, dictated by the fabric and end purpose of the print which can then be steamed on-site to fix the dyes and washed on site to remove excess dyes and alginates.

You can also use our digital printers such as our large format Mimaki TX2 which uses reactive dyes and digital prints can be fixed and washed on-site.

Knitting Workshop

‌We don’t want to sound materialistic but when it comes to textile equipment, we do have the very best of machinery.  We always strive to upgrade our facilities in order to expand student opportunities.  From our fully stocked Yarn Store (with natural and pre- dyed yarns like Italian silks and merino wools) to our knitting equipment (with domestic, industrial Dubied and Passap manual and electronic knitting machines) our facilities are extensive and varied. We also have a flock workshop with a Fabricoater and a stitched Textile room with Bernina Sewing machines, Embroidery Machine, overlock and needle felter.




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“The knitting facilities at DJCAD allowed my technical ability to grow in confidence over my three years of specialised study. With a wide range of knitting machines and equipment, it really allowed me to experiment and build on my skill development. The help of Rebecca and the use of the Yarn Store was also amazing.

Kristen Neillie BA (Hons) Textile Design.


The DJCAD Make team enjoy taking your studies into new dimensions! They encourage students to delve deeper into technologies when it comes to creation. Laser cutters, 3D printers, 3D scanners, electronics, CNC mills, sublimation printers, vinyl cutters – the team have a great collection of high tech equipment that they are keen to encourage students to use.  They are also constantly exploring new technology and ways to transform 2D ideas into 3D realities.  They can advise on micro controller programming, electronics, CNC milling and anything involving digital techniques.   

Metal Workshop

We think our metal workshop facilities are worth their weight in gold!   Students use them to create a whole range of different metal structures – from vases and ornaments to instruments and wall installations.  Better still, the staff in our metal workshop are as sharp as steel - so they’ll do a great job at passing on their expertise and encouraging you to work safely.

Here are some of the tools and techniques that you’ll use:

  • Metal guillotine
  • Box and pan folder
  • Sheet metal rollers
  • Pedestal drill
  • Sand blasting cabinet
  • MMA (Manual Metal Arc)
  • MIG (Metal Inert Gas)
  • Spot welding

Jewellery Workshop

Ear-cuffs, rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, silver, platinum, copper, stones, fabric, fastenings – our aim with our jewellery workshop is to make you feel that you’ve struck gold when you discover all the fantastic jewellery-making facilities on offer.  Here’s a list of everything you’ll find there (you’ll also work within The Foundry for white metal and iron casting).

  • Vacuum Casting Facility
  • Electroplating
  • Electroforming
  • Puk welding
  • Precious Metal Soldering Stations
  • Polishing and Surface Finishing facility
  • Precious Metal Clay and Enamelling Kilns
  • Silversmithing Hammers, Stakes and Forming tools
  • Metal Etching Facility
  • Hydraulic and Fly Press
  • Draw Bench
  • Rolling Mills
  • Metal Turning Lathe
  • Bandsaw
  • Bench Drills
  • Guillotines

“The jewellery make facilities at DJCAD are second to none.  I’ve been working in industry now for 4 years and still use similar equipment to what I used when I was studying.  I feel that DJCAD really prepares you for the real world”.

Scarlett Erskine, Scarlett Erskine Jewellery (DJCAD Jewellery and Metal Design Graduate) 

Printmaking Workshop

Looking for specialised printing? We have an inkling you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

Our Printmaking Workshop offers a range of resources from large format ink-jet printing to water-based screen printing allowing you to practise:

  • Screen Printing
  • Etching
  • lithography
  • intaglio
  • papermaking (from sheet forming to sculptural)
  • film processing and printing

Digital Facilities         


Bookable Equipment


When it comes to digital equipment, DJCAD’s catalogue is state-of-the-art.  Located next to the Edit Suite, All students are encouraged to make use of these resources to aid in their studies and are welcome to book the use of the following:

  • High definition video cameras
  • Digital SLR’s
  • Video lighting
  • Audio recorders
  • Exhibition display equipment (projectors, TVs, Speakers etc)
  • Graphics Tablets

Booking of equipment is managed through an online booking system which allows you to secure equipment in advance.

Edit Suite

Cut! This part really needs your attention.  We’ve just installed new 4k video editing suites which means you’ll be working with the same editing packages as most of today’s film makers.  Based around Adobe Premiere Pro, we also offer the full Creative Cloud Suite, Element 3D and all the best plugins to give your narrative work the best look and feel.  Located right next to the AV workshop and with first-class support from highly experiences staff you’ll find this the ideal environment for the serious filmmaker.

"The editing suites at DJCAD are excellent and provide students with access to industry standard equipment, software, cameras and audio recording equipment. Tutors are on hand to provide on guidance on how to use resources and this all translates into the development of professional skills which can then be taken forward into the workplace”

Keiran O’Rourke, Time Based Art Graduate of Time Based Art and Digital Film.

Media Lab

This department has certainly been planned by design. 100 Macs, 4 media labs and standard software such as Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere, Speed Grade, Audition, Muse, Animate, Illustrator, InDesign), Rhino 3D provides everything creatives could ask for. Creatives are in their element put creatives in their element. And not only are these facilities used for taught sessions – they’re available for all students to use whenever the building is open. 

3D Lab

Our 3D Lab is full of dimensions - with 30 top spec HP PCs and all the software that you need in professional roles. In addition to the Adobe Creative Cloud and other software in the Media Labs you’ll have access to  AutoCAD, Maya, 3D Studio Max, Element 3D, Solid Works, PTGui Pro, Nuke, Z Brush, SketchUp Pro


Sound Studio

You won’t believe your ears when you discover what we have in these studios! We have two state-of-the-art, high-tech, sound studios to use for sound art projects and sound design. You’ll be able to record excellent quality audio and mix your edits on Pro Tools, for professional quality work.

Green Screen Studio

Interested in special effects, post production techniques and compositing? You’ll be able to practise your skills in our green screen infinity cove. This combined with the industry standard cameras, Steadicams, microphones and lighting will allow you to film your next masterpiece here.


Photography Studios

Smile! You’ll like this part. We have everything you need for your photo shoots in our photography studios including backdrops, a professional camera stand, full height and table-top setups, different backgrounds and 6 studio flash heads.


We have made it London! New designers is literally right around the corner- make your way down to the Islington Business Centre for another display of jewellery and lighting at DJCAD's stand jc36 #newdesigners2016 #london #djcad #jmd16 #standjc36

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