Non-Medical Personal Helper (NMPH) Service

Disability Services provides support with arranging Non-Medical Personal Help (NMPH), such as a note taker, to support disabled students in their studies. If you feel you would benefit from such support, please contact us to arrange an appointment with one of our Advisers. They will provide advice on the most suitable support and help to arrange funding. Our main administrative contact for information on our NMPH service is Piotr Kielinski. Piotr can be contacted by emailing:


Randstad Service

Our Non-Medical Personal Helper Service is mainly provided by Randstad. They recruit and train Non-Medical Personal Helpers (NMPH) to provide support for disabled students to assist them with their studies. This support includes:

Specialist support, for example for deaf students and those with Aspergers Syndrome, is provided by other external organisations as appropriate. This includes Sign Language Interactions and the National Autistic Society.



Previous NMPH Service (for information only):

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