Needs Assessment Service

Disability Services provides a needs assessment service for disabled students and staff to identify the support they require to meet their individual disability-related needs in the context of their course or employment. This typically involves a confidential meeting with a Disability Adviser to discuss all aspects of your course or work requirements and the impact, if any, of your disability.

As appropriate, this includes consideration of any specific difficulties you may have with:

Following the meeting, the Disability Adviser will summarise your discussion and any recommended support in your support plan/needs assessment report for you to approve. With your consent, any recommended reasonable adjustments will be shared with relevant University staff. The full support plan/report is not shared with anyone outwith Disability Services unless you request this. Similarly, confidential letters or reports confirming the nature of your disability are not shared but, should you wish this to happen, please let us know so we can obtain your consent in writing.

Note that reports in connection with assessments for the Disabled Students' Allowance (DSA) do need to be shared with your student funding authority. Similarly, needs assessment reports for disabled staff applying for Access to Work funding need to be shared with the Access to Work team and the University's Human Resources department and, where adjustments are identified, with your line manager. Your approval of the report will be sought before it is shared.

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