Wellbeing Activities

There are a range of wellbeing activities available to students and staff on the University campus:


Institute of Sport and Exercise (ISE)

Exercise is known to have a positive effect on the symptoms of mental ill health. At the Institute of Science and Exercise there is a gym, exercise classes, sport, and swimming. Further information is available from the Institute of Science and Exercise website.

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Clubs and Societies

There are over 140 Societies associated with the University's Students' Association (DUSA) that can help with making friends with similar interests. Further information is available on DUSA's Societies website and the University's Student Life website.

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Understanding and Coping with Stress

These workshops and individual stress management sessions offer practical stress management using relaxation, breathing and visualisation techniques focusing on calming anxiety, practically dealing with panicky feelings, mental rehearsal, helping remain calm in exams and presentation.  These are coaching and skills practice sessions to develop stress busting techniques as a life skill. Further details are available from the 'Coping with Stress' Workshops site.

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University Chaplaincy

The University Chaplaincy offers discussion groups, worship, societies, opportunities to chat confidentially with the Chaplains, and a quiet coffee bar; all of which can contribute to mental wellbeing. Further details from the Chaplaincy website.

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