Symptoms Affecting Academic Studies

If symptoms of mental ill health, such as anxiety or depression, are affecting your studies, you should consider contacting someone to discuss this. The following University services can offer academic-related advice and support:



Your Academic School

If your studies are being affected by your health-related difficulties, speak to your Adviser of Studies or School Manager as they will be able to discuss your options with you.

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Disability Support Officer

Throughout all areas of the University, there are Disability Support Officers (DSOs) who are nominated by the Head of each Department or Academic School. The DSOs assist their colleagues to meet the support needs of disabled students in their department. The Disability Support Officer is another useful contact if your health is affecting your studies. Find out the DSO for your School from the DSO contact list.

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Disability Services

Students who have a diagnosis of a disability, including mental health difficulties (e.g. anxiety or depression), can seek confidential advice and support from Disability Services. They can meet with a Disability Adviser to explore the support available to ensure that their symptoms are not adversely affecting their studies.

Our services include our Mental Health Mentoring service that provides specialist one-to-one support for students who are experiencing ongoing mental health issues. This service aims to support students whose symptoms are affecting their ability to study, including by providing support with developing coping strategies and study techniques. Further details are available from the Mental Health Mentoring website.

Further details of all our services for disabled students and staff are available from Disability Services' website.

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Procrastination Workshops

A series of workshops is offered by the staff from the Academic Skills Team and the Counselling Service to support students to overcome procrastination, meet deadlines and achieve their academic potential. Further details are available from the Procrastination Workshops on CASTLE website.

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Stay on Course Initiative

In liaison with Academic Schools, the Stay on Course Initiative aims to provide support for students who may be at risk of failing or dropping out of their course. Further information is available on the Stay on Course website.

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Academic Skills Team

The Academic Skills Team are committed to supporting you to develop the academic skills that underpin your programme of study or research, including your critical thinking skills. Further details are available from the Academic Skills Team website.

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