Becoming Unwell


Improve your own wellbeing

If you are experiencing symptoms of being unwell, or you have noticed that there have been changes to your eating or sleeping patterns or mood, the first thing to do is check if there are things that you can do to improve your own wellbeing.

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Register with a Doctor/GP

All students are encouraged to register with a local Doctor/GP as they can provide the pathway to many other NHS services:

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Contact the University Health Service

The University Health Service offers experienced, professional advice and guidance on the health of both students and staff at the University, including mental health and wellbeing. Check out the University Health Service website for further information.

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Contact the University Occupational Health Service (for staff)

If you believe that your health (or) condition is affecting your ability to work, Occupational Health can provide an accessible but confidential service to all employees, offering support and impartial advice to achieve the best interests of both employees and the University. Contact Occupational Health for further information. 

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