DSA Summary

Disabled Students' Allowance (DSA) Assessment Process

(for students referred to the Higher Education ACCESS Centre, University of Dundee)


  1. Student sends DSA application to their funding authority with recent medical evidence to support their disability (e.g. doctor's letter, chartered psychologist's report).
  2. Funding authority refers student to Access Centre for assessment of their equipment and other support needs.
  3. Access Centre sends student an assessment appointment. Appointment date within four weeks of the date of receipt of the funding authority's referral request.
  4. Access Centre assessment is undertaken and recommendations are agreed with student.
  5. Access Centre sends draft assessment report to student within two weeks of completing the assessment.
  6. Assessment report is sent to the student's funding authority within one week of receiving the student's written approval.
  7. Funding authority writes to student to advise of outcome of their DSA application (typically within 4 weeks of receiving student's assessment report but can be longer during busy periods).


The Higher Education ACCESS Centre aims to complete each stage of the DSA assessment process as quickly as possible. However, delays may occasionally occur. Some of these delays will be outwith the Access Centre's control and may mean that the times quoted above are exceeded.

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