Work on Display

Time Based Art & Digital Film

Work on display: Time Based Art & Digital Film

Sandie Baker

The idea behind my work is about how we view the world in the digital age with the aid of technology. My work is...

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Ross Dickinson

Viscous surfaces of never-sweating bodies.

Dissected limbs reveal silicone arteries stretched...

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Sophia Hanson

This year, I have focused on my personal experience with social media and what it's like to be in a long distance...

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Zoe Hodgett

In this series, I am reflecting myself. My body of work is an attempt to capture a sense of memory through fading...

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Hayley Lindsay

Influenced by the relationship of art and science, my work became focused on medical visualisation specifically in...

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Murray Renton

My work stems from an interest in the hierarchical, ritualistic structural systems present within large...

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Jennifer Souter

Jennifer Souter is a multi-media artist. Her work has taken the form of mental health advocacy. Her choice of...

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Glen Thomson

I am a Director and Cinematographer who works primarily in the medium of motion picture. Drawing on experience and...

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Agnes Toullec

“Joe” is an experimental short film where the script’s place is almost as important as the images themselves....

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Jonny Walker

Technological progress increasingly renders the human redundant, the body becoming separated from thought and...

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