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Textile Design

Work on display: Textile Design

Textile Design at Duncan of Jordanstone values practical knowledge learned through making. Students experiment with a wide range of materials to produce highly crafted material outcomes for a range of applications. These include developing textile design concepts and prototypes for a thriving industry as well as exploring the ways that practical knowledge can help solve bigger problems such as sustainability and pollution. In a traditional sense Textiles are synonymous with domesticity and the body and our students are actively encouraged to challenge perceived definitions within traditional parameters and beyond, in order to define the ‘new traditions’ that textiles occupy.

Mhairi Abbas

“Land and Sea” is a body of work exploring the concept of capturing a place. Through weather, seasons and...

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Iqra Arshid

Pipeline Iqra Arshid My Project is influenced by beauty in geometric structures. I have looked at construction...

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Claire Bell

‘Imprints’ is a graduate collection re-interpreting the ordinary, mundane and overlooked spaces in our everyday...

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Ujala Choudhry

This project is based on tropical and botanical plants with a traditional Indian twist. I wanted to create a unique...

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Lyndsey Currie

Urban Trending is a unisex knitwear collection with a streetwear aesthetic combining unconventional materials. This...

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Naomi D'Cruz

Incorporating many aspects of a harbour setting, my work is inspired by the formal elements of decay, and the way...

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Elisabeth Dambach

Taking inspiration from medicine and how the body works, my work is inspired by the harmony and contrast created...

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Geraldine Donnelly

Glittering Cities

Glittering Cities is an Interior collection of fabrics and wallpapers that celebrate...

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Eilidh Forsyth

I have designed a collection of conceptual fabrics for womenswear, which exist independently as structures....

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Scott Fraser-Hirst

One Ocean is a closed-loop swimwear collection utilising a fabric made from recycled fishing nets Econyl. The...

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Kate Harvey

My aim is to create vibrant, wearable prints that capture the essence of the hustle and bustle of everyday...

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Ruth Hill

The time for gender-neutral fashion is now. Our understanding of what “gender” is has involved so much in the...

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Eva Jack

Each year the UK textile industry generates 1.7 million tonnes of waste. Despite the government’s best efforts to...

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Aimée Keatch

In an age where women are under constant scrutiny as to how they look, I wanted to explore how different fabrics...

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Rachel Kentley

Drawing inspiration from play parks and the mindset of being adventurous and free has been my main drive for this...

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Jennifer Laughlin

This project investigates the integration of electronic components into knitwear to create a responsive garment...

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Mairi-Claire MacDonald

Materialising Memories is a personalised design model inspired by my Grandfathers love for storytelling. While we...

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Lucy MacMillan

Citified Stripe

As a designer, I have always been interested in the use of unusual materials and the...

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Rowan McIntosh

Motivated by a passion for high-end fashion that has the ability to inspire and sustain craftsmanship and ethical...

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Julie Mapes

I have made functional, long lasting garments to emphasise individuality. They are high-end products for people who...

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Leigh-Anne Morrison

We have evolved a generation of fast-fashion consumers, where poor quality clothing is more available to us and for...

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Nicole Morrison

Double Vision

As a textile designer, I respond to issues within society through my work. ‘Double...

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Isla Rustrick

An Exuberant Illusion In response to our excessive consumer culture, my collection focuses on emotionally durable...

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Rachel Sanders

“Capturing Flora” is a printed interiors collection that seeks to rejuvenate the out-of-style idea of a floral...

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Karen Smith

I am inspired by traditional techniques taught and passed down through the generations in my family, particularly...

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Daisy Stott

I look to keep community and family interaction at the heart of this project through my designs which enhance the...

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Kayley Thomson

I have always been drawn to nature and wanted to visualise it conceptually with more than drawing, to play and push...

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Rosie Watson

My work will focus on plants and insects and organic life during the day time and also night time. I am creating...

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Sarah Watt

"Knot on our beach" is designed to open discussions and tackle social responsibility through making. It encourages...

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Paige Webster

The memory of a place Unique details such as the texture of a piece of clothing can play an important part in...

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Textile design is a multidisciplinary course that fully integrates theory with practice through the medium of textiles.

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