Work on Display

Jewellery and Metal Design

Work on display: Jewellery and Metal Design

Sophie Allardyce

My project is based on Dream States. I’m inspired by the subconscious mind and creating interactive dream-like...

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Zydrune Auksoriute

Born out of passion for individuality, ZYDRUNE reflects upon the excitement of being elegantly different. Through...

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Iona Bennie

My work is inspired by my childhood in the Middle East. Growing up in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, I was surrounded by...

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Amanda Louise Bernard

Fuelled by my fascination with the Human Body and its health and well-being, my process began by investigating...

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Alice-Marie Cairns

Within my body of work, I have designed and created a collection of contemporary vessels, which I hope to be...

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Aimee Cargill

There is a story inside of every Mountain. While exploring landscapes in the Scottish Highlands and the North coast...

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Lucy Cormack

‘Inflight’ lights are inspired by the movements and formations found in groups of starlings in flight. The...

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Hannah George

Society has a preconceived ideology that the female body should be flawless- a concept created largely by the...

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Jenny Gillies

“Lasting Impressions” explores the emotional impact that places and people can have on the human body. The...

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Iona Hamilton

Influenced by the visual impact of intricate structures and forms within nature, the concept of the continuous...

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Maja Jajszczok

Inspired by polish food culture I am focusing on the way the dishes are created and what culture group is consuming...

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Marija Liasenko

Fascinated and inspired by nature's unique shapes, Marija decided to recreate it's fragility and beauty of detail...

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Amanda McGrattan

Influenced by urban graffiti, my inspiration comes from the potential to brighten derelict buildings and decayed...

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Stewart McKenzie

A beam of light, I am rising through the atmosphere naked. Geometric shapes float and rise with me. Bright neon...

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Hannah Jayne Noble

I am fortunate enough to have been brought up in a rural community on an island off the west coast of Scotland....

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Eileen Catriona Pottle

Pic n Mix

For many of us, travel brightens our lives. Personally, the colourful buildings in many European...

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Sarah Rogers

I find the encompassing nature of woodlands and how they can create an entire atmosphere and ‘world’ through...

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Rhianne Lucy Wilson

Inspired by human nature and how darkness and despair can surround us at different points in our life. My work aims...

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Ellen Whealing


My work is designed with the intent to make costumes for theatre and film. For this project, I...

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Jewellery & Metal Design provides students with an intellectual and creative stimulus that encourages debate around perception and aesthetics. We create an awareness of the social and historical context of the discipline to encourage innovation and excellence.

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