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Monica Dritschel

The aim of my work is to skew the role of food. I transform its function from an essential substance ingested to sustain life into an object which envelopes the body. A fundamental food staple is a bread. It has symbolic significance in religion and literature; it engages our visual, tactile and olfactory senses. I use ordinary white sliced bread to create a garment, thereby communicating the complex issues surround the effect of food on one’s body. By, transforming an everyday staple into a fur-like coat disrupts one’s common preconceptions of what one commonly consumes.

The aim of my work is to warp the function of food. Instead of being viewed essential for life food now becomes a material which envelopes the body. Bread is used to create a garment that establishes a new relationship between the internal and external self. Perceiving dough as a 'clay' expands the boundaries between cooking and contemporary art. The manipulation of this material into a fur-like surface causes disruption of common preconceptions, making one deeply reflect on the role of this common staple.

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Fine Art

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Crawford Building, General Course Studio 3 (lower South)

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