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Maya Wotherspoon

My work explores the lives of my grandparents; past and present by looking at how they live in contrast to my own life and the fragility of old age. The main concept within my work focuses on ideas of life and death, the fragility of old age, memory and nostalgia - collectively building a narrative portrait of my grandparents. In essence, my work is a celebration of their personal story and an exploration of the debilitating yet poignant onset of old age.

My work focuses on collage, both digital and hand generated, by using materials and photographs which I have collected over the year. Simultaneously, I have been photographing and documenting my grandparents’ lives in the present and also researching and collecting old photographs, documents and memorabilia that my grandparents own. I have also been exploring and documenting places of interest, buildings and spaces in which my grandparents and/or family used to live/work in. All of these photographs are included in my prints and books which build an emotive and personal portrait of the lives of my grandparents past and present. My work involves a highly personal narrative but I believe the subject has the potential to communicate a universal message.

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Fine Art

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