Fine Art

Lauren Dailly

White is not a lack of colour; it is all colour. It is emptiness, but also a space for limitless potential. White creates an error in the visual fabric, an unnatural void. The voids in my work do not focus on the stretches of fields and oceans that are usually associated with this term, but the voids in our urban landscape, particularly in Dundee. These unusual areas of emptiness appear between the bustling urban environment creating abnormal silence. These are our urban voids.

The main aim of this project is to make the audience stop and notice the strange blankness in their cities and to conjure up feelings of nostalgia from what once was. The almost blank prints draw the spectator in closer to uncover forgotten Dundee. 'She Town', a fashion film, crosses the border between memory and premonition, nostalgia and the unknown. The setting is the true protagonist of the film with the characters appearing as objects to link past, present and future. Sounds and songs from the jute mills provide a sensorial responsibility to fill the empty gallery space with the history of the bare land, with thanks to Dundee Heritage Trust. Costumes fashioned from the modern material that triggered the closure of the mills are cavorted in both a glum and fun fashion. A surreal world has been created that the spectator is not detached from due to the familiar setting and the memories that come with it.

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Fine Art

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Matthew Building, L5, 2nd Year Studio 3

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