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Gayle Watson

The work is inspired by energy consumption, specifically the usage of fossil fuels. Exploring themes of guilt, greed and hypocrisy the work discusses the country’s current situation in its most raw form, questioning how we are in the situation of diminishing fossil fuels. By using an everyday object, a water bottle, this enables the audience to reflect their opinions on the work, which encourages engagement. The work tackles issues on a personal level as well as an industrial level. This allows space for viewers to open discussion and gain an insight into different areas of the problem.

The planet is at a pivotal point where we are torn between changing how we live to benefit future generations or let our greed override the future. The work challenges these oppositions and encourages viewers to think about what they want for themselves and future generations. By inviting viewers to partake in conversation this is a way of raising awareness around energy consumption and aids creative learning. This is so our communities are then able to make more knowledgeable decisions and discover their views on the topic.

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Fine Art

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Matthew Building, L5, 2nd Year Studio 4

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